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Picking out a new Laptop not for me, for my friend

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by LimeiBook86, Feb 12, 2003.

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    My friend is a PC guy, he bought a old PowerBook 540c and loved it, now he wanted to move up to the big leagues, he either wants High End iBook or Low End PowerBook. He likes the iBook 14 inch but the PowerBook has more power in Photoshop also he likes the DVD burning the PowerBook has. He wants a good laptop. Well we were looking, he likes the size of my ClamShell iBook's screen. It looks bigger than the iBook ande Powerbook's 12 inch screen, more like a 13 or 14 inch screen. Although Apple says its 12.1 it looks bigger to me. Now to the point. Are the powerbook and iBook 12 inch screens the same size of my ClamShell? I think mine looks big cuz of the resoulution, 800 x 600, would the newer iBooks or PowerBooks be able to handle such a small resoulution (just for the hell of it) Just wondering, he is going to the Apple Store soon, he will get a laptop by the end of the month. :-D please help out. I just don't know what will be better a G3 and a 14 inch (iBook) or a G4 with a 12 inch DVD-R(PowerBook)... I dunno we use Photoshop constantly and he will like Video Editign and he has lots of photos. Help :D

    My 630th post!!! YAY!
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    if he wants to use it for heavy photo and video there is no question. G4.....Powerbook.

    What about the 12" AluBook? Its a great value for its cost....thats the best laptop deal as far as I'm concerned....minus the small screen of course....but if that doesnt matter, thats what I would say.

    Hope this helps...and that he likes his new Apple...whatever he gets
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    All I can say is that my Powerbook is like crack, and I'm an addict.

    I love the 15" size, and people just plain drool over it. If I didn't have the TiBook, I'd be waiting for the 15.4" (assuming that rumor has some truth behind it).
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    G4!!!!!!!!!! Since this is his first big leauge mac you want him on a fast machine, so he can't complain his g3 is too slow in photoshop. The g3 is bearable, but man i'm saving up for a new powerbook, and i think everyone is. New powerbook all the way. You might try to find a 800 Ti refurbished to save a little money and still get the big screen.
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    real work with photoshop is nicer on the G4.

    I would go for 15.2" myself.

    If your friend is in no hurry, wait and see if the 15 gets the Al update ala the 12 and 17.

    Don't worry about 867MHz vs 1GHz, the 867 is no slouch at all. Kind of puts the 1GHz to shame in most respects.

    Remember, when we talk about resolutions, we are talking max. You can get the 12" and set the resolution to 800*600 if you want...

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    Thats what I was thinking...G4 :D

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    OHHHHH!!!! WHAT ABOUT BOOTING TO OS 9!!!! If he wants to say ummm.....play game like Unreal Tournament or run Connectix Virtual Game Station he needs to boot to OS 9. Maybe a refirbished 15 inch would be good.....hmmmmm
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    UT works very very well in classic....
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    just wait a month to see if this rumored 15.4 inch model comes
    out, and if it does, watch all the other prices drop, and either get
    the new 15.4 or an older, cheaper 15.
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    My friend wants a NEW one, although he does have a refirb. Palm, but a new product is the best. Thanks, didn't know UT worked in classic :) thanks....
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    if he can shell out the cash, the tibook is an unbelievably cool user experience, as i am sure any g4 laptop would be. i recommend the 15.2 as a happy medium, and it looks like it will have more raw pixel space than any 15.4 inch update... but i do recommend waiting to see what the specs and price will be. even when it does come out, you will easily be able to get a 15.2 brand new from one of the stores around the net.

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