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Picture from new Dallas Apple store opening.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by zarathustra, Jan 27, 2003.

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    The store is located in a developing shopping area in Highland Park/Dallas, across the street from a Crate&Barrel. It gets a lot of traffic, and is located in an area that is unusually (for Dallas) pedestrian. Restaurants, furniture stores and luxury apartments/condos surround the area, It's about 10 minutes, 4 miles from downtown Dallas.

    It was a dreary, rainy day, and I only made it there by 4 pm. There was still a crowd inside, but maybe because of the weather, there was no line outside.

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    I would love to see Apple Stores around Europe... In every capital city there should be an Apple Store. With the good looks of the stores that you guys have there, it would be a sucess around Europe!
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    just wondering...where is it located specifically. kinda looks like where preston road turns into maple or maybe the knox/henderson area.

    boy, if there ever was a town ripe for switching people from pc's...now if we could only get the HP moms to trade in their suburbans...
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    That's one awful looking Apple store. I thought Steve had standards, obviously not.

    They could have atleast rendered the brickwork, they could have made it look like a cube instead of a box !!!!!!!!!
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    I wish there was an Apple store in my city! :D
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    I believe Steve is putting stores in the areas with a high Apple customer base already.
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    It is exactly as you said, on McKinney/Knox.
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    Well, that's brilliant, isn't it? i thought we were going for switchers???

    i'm not even going to bitch anymore about how there's not one for 4 hours in any directio. just know that i'm *always* bitching inside...

    and yes, that's incredibly ugly. i'll assume they'll redo the outside once the store turns a profit.


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