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Picture Gallery: New Forum

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by arn, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. arn
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    This forum is for those photo/picture posting threads.

    We'll start with one forum and move to subforums as necessary.

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    excellent! :D

    This can also be used for critiques & advice I imagine? Or would that be more for sub-cats?
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    Woot woot!
    This is gonna be great for all the fotogers...

    How s'about a subdomain? foto.macrumors.com :p
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    Shouldn't the member photo thread also be added to this forum?
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    I think XnavxeMiyyep is right, because that's the most likely place people would look for it.
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    I could move it if u guys wanted. It seems to be a part of the community equally though.
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    What do arn or the other moderators think?
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    I say move it here. Seems a tad more logical placement to me.
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    I hope this turns out to be the right thread...
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    Sorry, Kingsnapped, your photo should be posted in the MacRumors pics! thread.

    Speaking of which, the Photo Directory and Pics! threads should be in the same subforum, so I'll ask Powerbook G5 for an opinion.
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    Powerbook G5

    Go for it, I am all about being organized. I am not too concerned what happens with or where the picture thread I started ends up since I didn't even expect it to last for more than a day or two. Now that this new photo gallery forum category is available, I don't see any reason not to move the thread.
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    We'll take you up on the offer, please. The votes on moving thread 38844 and thread 41568 to the Picture Gallery are 4 YES, 1 INDIFFERENT.
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    done... ;)
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    Can we get a set of rules for the photography forum?

    One thing I absolutely HATE seeing on other sites, and unfortunately it's already appearing here, is the obnoxious behavior of people re-editting other people's photos, and then posting them up with a "There..better" type of comment.

    Fixing someone elses photos, regardless of how well it worked or did not work, without being asked by the person who posted it, is incredibly rude.

    Nothing bothers me more on photography forums. Just because one person thinks they can improve a photo does not mean they should attempt to do so. It's very immature, very obnoxious, very impolite, and it's far too common on other sites. I'd like to put a stop to it here before it gets out of control - anyone agree?
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    Thank you! I agree. I mean if you ask "critque and fix as needed, then ok. but this thing that I see that happens all too often...I dunno I just don't know if I like it either.
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    does this forum help with photoshop or no?
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    I think the above should also apply to admins who think it's appropriate to resize posted photos. If I wanted to post a 400 pixel thumbnail, I would have done so. Having other people resize my pictures (which weren't that big to begin with) is bogus. Either leave them alone or delete them, but don't turn them into something I didn't present.
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    The thumbnails can be clicked through to show the image at full size in a new browser window. We often get complaints that people post images that are too large and take too long to load and for that reason, we act on them when reported or spotted.

    So, we prefer for people to use the TIMG tag when linking to large images.

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    The images in question were only 800 pixels wide, that's not what I call large. Do we really have people browsing with screens that can't handle that?

    So, what is the cut-off point at which you won't mess with my pictures? Can I repost at 750 pixels wide? 700? I don't want my pictures to be thumbnailed.

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    I would have thought 800 px max width would have been OK if screen width was the only thing that mattered. Some of us — not me — are still on dial-up so perhaps it's best to not think of what's happening to your pictures as much as what your pictures are doing to others' machines.

    Anyway, as I said, any images sized down can be clicked on to show the entire picture at full size, a solution that suits most people.
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    800 is a bit wide for people on 1024 monitors, and there are plenty of them. There is no firm rule, but I think 600 is pretty appropriate (a bit conservative though), thumbnailed to a higher resolution if you like. That way people on small screens can fit the page without horizontal scrolling, and they can still have a little bit of Desktop space showing.
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    Another useful cross reference

    See Inline Attachments for information about attaching images and the netiquette involved.
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    Why isn't there a firm rule? There are a half dozen or more car pictures on page 1 of the car thread bigger than 600 wide right now and quite frankly, 600 pixels seems ridiculously small in the year 2007.

    The bottom line is I don't want my pictures to be thumbnailed. I would like to know what is the largest size I will be allowed to post without having my pics molested.


    As far as I can tell, you are still downloading the entire full sized picture when this TIMG tag is used, it's just scaling it on your computer after that.
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    What about videos? I posted a video I made on here and my thread was deleted...:confused:

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