Picture of you and your significant other. Go go go

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by zakatov, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Edit: I'm the guy
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    I'm trying to get a snap of me and my significant other, but my Mac Pro hates having its picture taken.
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    I knew someone would say that but it still made me laugh :D
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    Hint: I'm on the left :D

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    New year's eve:


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    Look at my avatar and here's my wife. If you cross your eyes, it's almost like we're in the same picture.

    </we're not big photography people>

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    This is why I'm banned from the Michigan Ave. Apple Store


    Flickr photo!
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    Outside of a goth club.

    This was Halloween.

    Sorry I don't have more normal pictures :eek:
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    mad jew

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    Pic of me and my girlfriend( for almost a year now) :)
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    Here's a recent pic of me and the hubby

    P.S. The bulge is our baby-in-the-making

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    Here's my fiance and me - plus our first and second born. ;) :p

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    Me and the family

    This is from about a year ago but it was the first one I saw so I grabbed it!

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    My girlfriend of 4 years.

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    A few of myself and my wife. My last name is Anderson and her first name is Pamela, so I can honestly say I'm married to Pamela Anderson. ;) :cool:



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    I think we could play 'caption the photo' with that last one. :p :)

    Her (wondering what's in the door): C'mon, honey, give it to me...pleeeeease!!!


    Him: Hmmm, looks like door number one was the right choice!

    Seriously, that's a really cool shot. From the whole frame, to the looks on your faces. Ahhh, to be in love!
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    Haha yeah, those would all be good captions. ;)

    Thanks, we had a really good photographer - he's won several national awards for his work and he is also a very good friend of ours, so we were very lucky to have him around for our special day. :)
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    Note to Nuks and xfiftyfour: You didn't say which person in the photo is you.
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    I'm on the right:


    Again on the right:


    We've been together almost one year! w00t!!!111
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    sixstorm, you confused me there...
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    If I posted her photo, she'd kill me. I haven't asked her, but I don't think I have to, since the answer is "no". :p
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    does that mean that when you dress up and go to goth clubs, you are just being a poser?
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    I'm the one on the right.

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