Picture of Your Car (2009)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Educ8r, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Nissan 370Z... picked it up today!

    [Note from the moderators: This thread was closed in February 2010. For the rest of 2010 please see the Picture of your car (2010) thread. Many car photos attached to posts were lost from this thread and now show as broken images. It was our mistake and we apologize.]
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    My adorable Yaris
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    We're going to need more pictures!!!!
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    Awesome car phiberglass! Someday I will get around to test driving a 1, but for the time being, I love my BMW 3 Series. :)
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    The dealership had literally just taken them off the truck. When I got home it was too dark so I plan to take some pictures tomorrow.

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    My Tank
    2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV LOADEDDDDD
    sittin on its new TiS chome shoes :)
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    My Corolla, still strong after 13 years on the road (she'll be 14 this year, 1995 was a long time ago). Never been in a crash, never gotten a ticket, only a few dings and scratches. I plan on repainting her this summer... she's lost her shine. Under the hood, she's a monster.
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    I need to get some more recent pics, this one's from the summer. Although thanks to my laziness and crappy winter weather, this is the cleanest my car has been since the summer.
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    This was mine before I moved to Canada... :(
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    I believe this is the most recent pic I have of my car, a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. I took this at a friend's house back in like May. It was dirty, but still looks good in the pic, IMO.

    I love my car, but I'd like to trade and get a '99-'04 Mustang GT sometime in the near future. :cool:

    I've loved Mustangs since I was a kid and have always wanted one.....

    But anyway, here's the pic:

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    My car regularly gets 50mpg and never dips below 45, despite it being a turbocharged, mid-engined, convertible Mercedes-Benz :D

    Of course, the engine is an 80bhp 3-cylinder beast but I wouldn't have it any other way. These photos are old but it's far too cold and the car is far too dirty to take some more:






    It has heated leather seats and an electric folding soft top (which can operate even at high speed!). I think it's a great car.

    The other members on this forum have convinced me somewhat of the benefits of having huge off-road cars (even if they live in cities) but this one is leaving me a bit baffled. The car has massive tyres and wheels and is polished incredibly well, leading me to believe you don't use it off road. It must weigh several tonnes, meaning that it likely gets incredibly poor fuel economy.

    The low floor on the car must mean that it can't really go off road at all. So, why would you buy this giant bus if you could have the same amount of interior space in a much better looking and much better handling car which gives much better fuel economy like an Audi A4 Avant or BMW 3-Series Estate?
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    Looking rather dirty at the moment, but I love it. :D


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    because he wants to be fresh on the street, you know what I'm sayin'
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    Oboy, here we go again, live your life as you want and let people live there lifes as they want, simple as that.
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    I'm sorry for asking a question, I was under the impression it said "discussion forums" at the top of the page!
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    Well yes offcourse, and yes you are entitled to your own opinion, no problem, but since there was a huge discussion spreading through 3-4 pages in the last car thread, started by you ranting on those who owned big trucks i think that it would be great if this thread could be focused on how fun cars is and what a huge impact those can have on our life, just for fun och for utility purpose.

    You probably bought your car because the overall thoughs of the car was to your liking, just like i would by an ML 63 (if i could afford one) just because i like the car, when buying a car everyone doesnt weight in every aspect of the car, the soul of the car could make you want to own one and then fuel consumption or practicallity of a car maybe come on second hand.

    Also, there is alot of SUV cars that has a smaller fuel consumtion than a sedan, like MB C63 AMG vs BMW X5 30d, and no environmentalist would ever hate the MB just beacuse is looks just like a regular family saloon, but only the appearence of the X5 would make people go wild, they dont look on the actual fuel consumption, they just asume that if it is a SUV it consumes alot of fuel.
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    who really cares what anyone drives? I had a 2002 Ford Lightning that was getting 8mpg on premium gas....do you think i used it as an offroad truck? Or how about hauling stuff? Nope i drove it bc i enjoyed it VERY much. Same reason i love my slow Rabbit. Its lower than most cars...which btw is a pain in the butt to drive BUT i love it...bc its mine.
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    2006 chevy colorado dropped 2/3 on 22's
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    Because it's cool and some of us would like to survive an accident.
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    that thing is awesome! more pics??
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    Congrats on the 370, I'm planning to make that my next car.

    More pics!
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    thanks bro, I only have this other one, I just recently formatted my hard drive and lost alot. I will take her out soon when this next cold front comes through and snap some pics
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