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Picture REquest- White Ipod Video

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Adam Chase, Nov 26, 2005.

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    Im wondering can soemoen take some snap shoots of a whit ipod video besides a soda can.. i just want to prove something to a friend.
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    I would if I could but I can't
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    i understand
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    :confused: :confused: ....
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    I could do it with a black video iPod, does it have to be white?
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    Not sure what you're after exactly and not sure if a soda can is the exact same dimensions over there - but here you go. FYI - this can is 375ml.

    p.s. I hope the bet isn't "can I get someone to take a photo of their ipod with a soda can" ;)

    p.p.s of course you'll notice the thousands of scratches since my iPod is out in the air and everyone knows air molecules scratch these things to heck and Steve Jobs had full knowledge of this but purposefully released them onto the market anyway... :rolleyes:

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    Hmm, I like that loop you've made there with the earphone wire... nice touch :)

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    Nice, I like Rammstein.
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    Nice pics, the iPod looks amazing....They make me want an iPod video sooo much....:D
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    Oooh It looks so sexy, me want badly. I am having such horrible iPod lust, my poor 4th gen is feeling upset, although its has 10 GB more storage then the low end model. Oh decisions, decisions.

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