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Picture Storage???

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by pismodude2, Feb 7, 2008.

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    The limit for pictures on a 32GB Touch is 25,000. You can put 20,000 on a 16 GB one. Explain why it is that the iPod with twice the storage can't hold twice the pictures (40,000). :confused:

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    I can't imagine that anyone will have more than 25k pictures that they want on their iPod to begin with... It's probably either some sort of limitation with the file system or just a typo.
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    I think its a limitation, look at the classic, it has 80 and 160GB of storage and still only allows 25K photos.
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    It's a limitation, the Classic is also 25k.

    Even if you have 25k pictures, why would you need to have all of them on an iPod?
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    I was thinking about having all the frames from a movie on there for a class project, (don't ask) but I can just choose a different option for that then.:)
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    Why would anyone need 25k pictures in their pocket?:confused:
    "Here, use my iTouch and watch my slide show of all the hanging art I took pictures of at the Louvre and I'll be back in a year."
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    Yeh, in Mac OSX iPhoto has a capacity of 25,000 photos too...
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