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Pictures from Macs in my class

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by heaven, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Size comparison between a 12", 15" and a 17" Powerbook



    One 12" iBook didnt make it on the picture :(



    Isnt that nice? :D
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    That's so phat, it's sick. :D

    The first photo is just too sickening to look at. Ugh. What class is this?
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    HAHA that is brilliant!!! So are they your college's computers or just the students? Still very nice though...the 14" iBook is shown in great comparison to the 12" iBook.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Wow, I never realised that the 12" keyboard is the same size as the other PBs! :eek:
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    These are the students computers... :D
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    That 15" PowerBook seems to have a much brighter screen than the rest of the powerbooks :eek:
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    That could be because of two reasons:
    Either we had the brightness of the other two lowered down, or it is because the 15" is the new model with the brighter high resulution display. But the new screens are truly amazing! :cool:
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    yep. 12" , 15" and the 17" PB have the same keyboard size :)
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    Brother Michael

    Wow...there IS hope for humanity after all.
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    Bah, that first picture just makes me want a 12" PB that much more. :eek: Awesome pictures though, I wish there were that many Macs at my university.
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    Wow! Delicious!

    Those are so nice!!

    Mmmm... thousands of thousands of dollars of hot computing power.


    //like.. mega drool
    ///mm, slashies
    ////MMM MULTIPLE Macs!
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    The top picture looks like some kind of Apple orgy
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    Very nice pictures :D.
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    Wait till next week, i ll be posting new ones, since not all the guys from my class were present today when we took the pictures. And wait till you see the "iPod orgy" lol :D
  15. adk
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    Wow, at my school I doubt there are that many macs total. you must be in mac heaven!
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    Awesome pics, makes me jealous. I wouldn't be caught dead stacking my PB with the whore-tops that are in my classes :rolleyes: :p

    Thanks for sharing, inspiring that at least somewhere there are a decent quantity of Mac users.

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