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pictures of Ambras Palace,Innsbruck

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by takao, May 20, 2004.

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    i just wanted to share the pictures we made today during our trip to the Ambras Palace ...was a pretty impressive experience even compared to other habsburgian palaces like Schönbrunn in Vienna
    (no professional photographer):

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    and a few additional ones:

    sadly i didn't take much pictures of the arms and paintings... stupid me made more pictures of the funny ducks in the gardens (and of course i made a video of the duck which shook it's tail like a dog)...

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    Those are wonderful photos of a wonderful palace. Does it use construction materials similar to the original or should I ask if it's using the original construction materials?
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    i have no idea what they are reconstructing on the side walls..they are redoing some parts of the roof with i guess similiar parts and old parts mixed..
    perhaps they are doing some some minor things on the side

    i will ask my sister ..she works there weekends

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