Pictures of the Mac mini

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Very nice pictures!

    There are some pictures of the logic board at the end of the album. It appears that the single RAM slot takes up the entire length of the board. There are also 2 other slots which were unoccupied, one for the airport extreme card, and the other for ???

    Edit: oops, I forgot that the other slot may be for the harddrive and/or the cd/dvd drive.
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    you may be able to tell from the pics but... these things are SOOOOO light
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    the other port is for bluetooth
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    I'm suprised that no one has pointed out in any of the threads that this mini looks a lot like the sonos music streamer.


    Off Topic:
    I was really going to get the Sonos but I can't afford it right now. However, the new Griffin thingy with bluetooth stream will work in the mean time!
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    Excellent pictures! The ones on Apple's site always seem so photoshopped. It's nice to see a realistic view of the mini.
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    I thought the top was just gloss white plastic like the top of the iPod Mini.

    It looks from those like it's clear plastic painted white underneath, like the iMac G5 and some other Apple products. That's a really slick look in person.

    And it will frustrate Microsoft fans who try to scrape off the Apple logo only to find it's under the "glass" :)

    Which actually reminds me that if a lot of switchers will have these, we can expect the neon case-mod crowd to do some interesting things to Minis :D How long before someone installs a Mini's guts into a modded drive bay of an ugly PC tower?
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    Add an integrated KVM switch to that, and there you have it, your very own Dual Boot Dell :eek: :D
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    Way cool! :cool:
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    Too bad that the Sonos thing is wider and deeper than the Mac mini.
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    It will also be "too bad" for Sonos if Apple decides to do something like I envisioned in my earlier post... I'd much rather have an Apple designed streaming system, IMHO...

    Oh, and by the way...

    By Tom Yager, from InfoWorld

    This guy is so damn right, IMHO! Apple has been like this ever since Jobs returned (remember how their superior products led to the disappearence of Adobe Premiere or Internet Explorer for the Mac, or how their Apple Stores seem to be crushing traditional Mac retailers), the only difference is that now they have a HUGE mindshare (and iPod marketshare), and hordes of cash sitting in the bank. They already were the ultimate R&D and marketing experts, plus they have hordes of cash and are widely recognized; it seems that they're all set for an M$-like world domination of the digital entertainment market, only with quality products instead of the usual M$ crap (or the stylish but overpriced and hard-to-use Sony products). Would this be any good? Would it be bad? If Apple achieves this will they be licensing stuff?... I don't have a clue, but all I know is that'd be "fun" to watch. ;)
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    Question I haven't seen asked:

    Does the advertised 2" height of the Mac mini include the rubber-and-plastic space underneath?
    Or is Apple playing a marketing game by only counting the aluminum height?
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    Chip NoVaMac

    No offense, but does a 1/4 to at most 1/2 inch really matter on such a small computer?
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    I think not.
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    The specs say 2", and I'm sure that's accurate. Not just the aluminum.

    I've measured Apple PowerBooks, and they always seem a bit thinner than claimed--but I'm not counting the feet, and I think Apple is. The specs stated wouldn't be accurate if they didn't.

    People have some creative plans for Minis... knowing if it really fits in 2" could matter for something :)

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