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Pink Shuffle: IMAGE

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kevlar5000, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Is this a sneak peak of the back of the as yet unanounced pink shuffle?
    Just spotted it in a promo for valentines laser engraving on the UK HE store.
    Its clearly pink and wider than the nano.

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    if that's a shuffle then where is the clip ?
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    There seems to be some differencies:

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    Good point about the clip.
    But are apple still selling mini's? and i though engraving was only on new purchases, can you mail in old ones for engraving?
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    The pink iPod looks very new...widescreen nano??

    Shuffle is only 0.1 wider than Nano...that pink thing looks much wider than Nano or Shuffle... I think your on to something NEW.
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    The pink thing seems to be about 25% wider...

    So thats 5cm wide (4cm for Nano, 4.1cm for Shuffle).

    I call widescreen iPod nano - with touchscreen :p
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    how do i get this onto the main rumours thread?
    Wow, my first macrumour could be massive.
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    don't worry - i think this has already been talked about :)
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    I still think its an Apple tease for a new Nano.
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    Making it the width of the iPod Mini. The Pink color seems to be that of the pink Nano, but I don't remember what the 2nd gen pink Minis looked like... I think it was similar?
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    Apple would never promote superceeded stock except as a sale - I have never seen it. This is either a false perspective or something new - and Steve loves to tease.

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