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Pioneer A05 or G5's built-in superdrive ?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by LuvAussies, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I just bought a Pioneer A05 drive a couple of weeks ago. When I order my G5, should I downgrade to take the superdrive off and save $180? Or should I get it built-in?
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    Re: Pioneer A05 or G5's built-in superdrive ?

    I think the G5's superdrive will be the AO6 which writes DVD±R

    up to you, subject to your requirements. It's likely apple will block + writing anyway, which is fine by me.
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    True, it will probably be the A06. I doubt I'll need the + anyway, does it really matter?

    I can always keep the A05 in my G3 or put it in our PC for backups.

    It just seems 'safer' getting it built-in coming from Apple!
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    why not get the superdrive built in, and then sell the other one you have (on ebay, or wherever)?

    then you might not save 180, but you'll maybe save 120 or something, and you'll have it built in which i personally feel is a better option, especially with the superdrives and the question of working with idvd, etc.
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    G5 SuperDrive may not be the Pioneer A06

    Hey guys:

    I just finished talking to some sales guys at firsttech computer in Minneapolis: a truly Apple-centric, top-notch authorized Apple dealer. . I live across the street so I am there quite often. Anyway, according to these guys, the G5 that they saw (pre-production, I assume) had a Sony SuperDrive.

    I would lean on selling your spare A05. I am on the same boat: but I am actually keeping the SuperDrive in my G4 to up the selling value on eBay so buying the G5 won't hurt my wallet too much. Ayaway, I would order the G5 with SuperDrive in; but then again, this will be my very first, brand new Mac: I've always bought used Macs, from my first Mac SE "breadbox" to my current PowerMac G4 and iBook.... Ummmm... a nicens virgin G5 all to myself.... Can't wait to ravish her! Seriously... I am not sick and twisted.... all the time... Okay, WAY off topic. Sorry!
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    Powerbook G5

    Well, the keyword there is "Pre-production" which means it wasn't an off the factory line G5, so who knows what the actual shipping systems will be sporting...we'll just have to wait and see once people start receiving their systems and post specs for us to see.
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    All very good points! Yeah, I'd rather play it safe and get the built-in drive so I know it's compatible.

    I'll find another home for my Pioneer A05!

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