Pirated MS Longhorn on sale NOW in Asia

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 1, 2003.

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    On sale for $1.58....what a rip off!!! I wouldn't give you a dime for a copy of this crap.
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    hahahaha that's really f@#king funny!!!!! heck, i'll buy 20 copies and hand 'em out just to screw m$ ;)
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    How pointless, longhorn is still in early alpha builds :rolleyes: How can they even compare the price of this to a retail copy of XP in the states.
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    yeah, the software might not even work. I say it's a was of money(even 1.50). I could say i have the next version of OSX, but it dont really work.
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    This will be the first time that people got a substandard MS operating system that Microsoft didn't intend to deliver. :D
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    Finally someone paid what it was worth.
    Good Job.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Well. Hope they enjoy it. Doesn't sound like anyone actually wanting longhorn will see the actual product for another couple years.
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    Wouldn't that be cool if before the full release came out there would be such a huge pirated movemtn that no one would buy Longhorn anyway. I heard the final build is suppose to make you ahve a 4.0gb p4 or higher.... I don't know if that is just some dumb rumor, or if it true to create demand.
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    Xp Pro can be got for $2 bucks normally and usually nothing over $4 bucks.

    Maybe someone will crack it and release the source code.
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    I think they are overcharging for what you get.
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    As someone who's been to Indonesia, it's wonderful being able to go into shops and pick up heaps of software and movies for like $2 each. Piracy is so bad over there that they have to sell the legal stuff cheap too, otherwise nobody would buy it. You can buy legally licenced movies for about $5 each :)
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    Yeah really.

    'Hey my Fully Working Legit Os owns your Alpha build of the "NEX GEN" Os!'



    Then I'd call Microsoft and complain it isn't working properly!

    Um... this new WinFS... its... um not working... what gives?

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    when XP was released, I remember it was on a Thursday, I saw the official release on TV, on Friday I went to the computer district here, to my surprise they were offering pirtated copies of XP, I was like :confused: what happened to the millions of dollars spent on protection?! I was like good work!

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