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Pismo 500MHz Firewire Sale....

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by MacAztec, Oct 6, 2002.

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    Yea, my dad wants to sell his Powerbook. I was hoping he would give it to me, but, he wants to sell it.

    Just to let you know, this thing is in PERFECT condition. It was in his case if it wasnt being used, and since he has a G4 for games, he only used this to browse the web, or look at pictures. I cant even find a miscoloration or a scratch on it. The screen is perfect too.


    14.1in LCD
    500MHz G3 Processor with 1MB L2 Cache
    8MB ATI Rage Pro
    2 Firewire and 2 USB ports
    Airport Card (60 dollars extra)
    Targus Notebook Case
    Zip 100 Drive for Expansion
    CD/DVD for Expansion
    Has all ports of a today Powerbook, but it has an extra Firewire, 2 expansion bays, but no ADC connector.

    He is looking for around 1100-1250. Any offers? Suggestions?
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    Forgot to add, maching has a 32GB IBM Hardrive, and 640MB of RAM
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    Do not sell it, just to give you a tip: You can increase the cache to 2Mb L3... just to give you an example of the speed bumb you can get. I had a G4 400 and chaged the processor to dual 500. The speed of the powerbook between 1Mb cache and 2Mb L3 is 3 times the different than the G4.

    Do not sell that Pismo, is Apple biggest mistake because it is perfect! for that price you will never are gonna find such flexible machine.

    I just got a secund one a month ago.

    Get the unit, the only problem is that is a bit heavy but it is an all terrain computer.
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    How would he bump it to 2mb L2 cache? I think he wants to sell it, he wants a G4 Powerbook.
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    whats the max resolution on those powerbooks. for some reason ever since i went Apple, I've secretly craved a tuxedo powerbook.

    but i am broke.
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    Yea, people say they are the best laptop apple EVER made.

    And its 1024x768
  7. Gus
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    Yeah, I would have to say that the Pismo has been the best they have made so far. I don't think they really got the TiBook right until this last revision-finally has a decent graphics card and combo drive standard, PC 133, etc....

    The Pismo was expandable, upgradable, fast (100mhz bus and 1MB L2 cache), plenty of ports and good looking too. While I crave a little more speed, this is by far the best Apple machine I have used, although the common problems with the DVD/CD drives pooping out is annoying. I'm on my third one already, and it is now frizzing out on me too. Oh well. I really want to max mine out with the G4 upgrade and DVD/CD-RW bay, but with only 8 MB VRAM, I can't play the games I bought for my now-gone PowerMac (WarCraft III and Medal of Honor). Guess I'll just wait for the TiBook prices to drop.

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    Keep the classic

    This is an expandable system, the powerbook G4 is not. Powerlogix is putting 550G4's in there upgrades. and it is just a matter of time before they catch up to the 800+ speeds. the powermac g4 processor is soldered on so you are stuck at that speed for life. the pismo's one weakness is its non upgradable graphics card (no quartz extreme here) and the 14" LCD screen, however thier is a company called www.villagetronic.com that will have a EXTERNAL ONLY 32MB card osx,os9 compatable that will give it graphics equal to the 800-TI-BOOK. if you still have it in 2mos. I will buy it at $1000.00
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    is it possible?

    2MB cache ??
    tell me how, never heard this before:confused:
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    Yeah that pismo is one great machine. My dad has one and it flies on jaguar.

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