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Pismo Powerbook gives up during OS installs; OS9 and OS10

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by quantum003, Sep 25, 2009.

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    I have a Pismo that I enjoy using on certain occasions and it's always treated me right. So a few days ago, a friend gave me a few old Apple printers and I'd like to play with them. I decided to install OS9 on a new partition of the Pismo to talk to these printers.

    It's very strange though, every time I try to install an operating system of any type, the Pismo gets to a certain point and I hear a "Squee" like the hard drive is turning off, and then the install hangs and eventually fails. This has happened repeatedly, the exact same thing happens whether I use 10.2, 10.4, or 9.1. Same result when installing via firewire transfer.

    Two interesting things that I am wondering about:

    I did manage to get OS9.1 installed once, the first time I tried. Immediately after, I plugged the Pismo into Ethernet, opened Windows Explorer 5.0 (oops) and went to Apple's Download page... but it never loaded. I had to restart the computer manually, and it never loaded after that. The entire 9.1 OS seemed broken.. I blame Internet Explorer, not Apple's Download page. ;)

    The second weird thing: I swapped out hard drives after that, repartitioned to two again, and started installing Tiger.... but I foolishly had the Pismo plugged into a socket controlled by a light switch, and my wife turned off the light while the Pismo was installing. Oooops...

    So now the Pismo just won't install anything. I used a G5 to install Tiger onto a 2.5" 40GB 5400RPM drive in an external enclosure and then installed that drive in Pismo... it runs just fine, no problems; I used it all afternoon in fact. But I tried to install OS9 again just now and the exact same failure occurred.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is this a logic board, bad power supply, processor... ? (The PRAM battery and regular battery have already been removed, experimenting with different things trying to get a different result.

    Thanks. :D
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    Pismo??? I think its time to move on...
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    Thanks for the advice. I have a lot of Macs and sometimes it's just fun to roll with the Pismo. :D

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