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Pittsburgh, PA

Discussion in 'Community' started by Classic, May 14, 2002.

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    How many MacRumors folks are from the Pittsburgh area?

    ptrauber mentioned that he was at a Pittsburgh compUSA and ran into UglyChad. Also, Compufix has PA as his location. So, howmany of you are there out there?

    I just moved from San Francisco to Pittsburgh. The Bay Area is just way too expensive...
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    went to college there.. lived withen spitting distance of the andy warhol museum

    i miss Primanti brothers

    and the gathering field

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    but most of all...

    all the hot fashion marketing chicks at the art institute....... :)

    ok... got that off my chest...

    Where all you kids at?

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    you have homosexuals? i'll bet the ACLU would be a little upset...


    seriously tho, what prompted the sig? just curious...

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    i live in waynesboro, pa. about 5 miles from md border. but i'm not proud of it... ha

    i go to school in nyc though so i use that as my location.
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    as in the band?
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    yep. been a fan since their first cd.

    seen em live several times.

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    I'll be going to Pittsburgh in late October... ;)

    gonna meet Moxiemike & probably ptrauber
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    i went to undergrad with moxiemike. he will take good care of ya.

    i will be there in october as well... the 18th or so.

    go to "primanti bros" and "nick fat city" if the gathering field are playing.

    god knows that the pirates will be done with their season by then or else i would suggest catching a ballgame :)

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    I miss my pittsburgh days too

    Wild Monday Night Football days.. Primanti Brothers.. and the July 4th fireworks in three rivers..sweet memories
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    Mr. Anderson

    i might go along for the ride as well. will this turn into geekfest pittsburgh?
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    gathering field is quite good

    have you seen em on the commercial for some news show?

    "good things are happening" and the singer isjust playing guitar and singing that... it's the slogan of the show too

    i actually saw the commercial first at a movie... go figure
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    I'm in Pittsburgh.

    trying to do some marketing for the city. I have a slogan:

    "Pittsburgh. Where single men go to die. Alone."


    It's actually not that bad here, gray alot but the sunny days are nice. Summers are quiet but it gets hopping when the universities are back in. Lots of good material for pics.

    I remember Chris (docteeth) from Harvard, Pittsburgh, also known as Art institute.

    I bumped into ptrauber at Comp a few times. Classic, what have you been doing??
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    I'm starting to think it would turn into a Geek Fest...there's already a few out there...and a bunch of u guys are nearby...

    I figure it this way....Geek Fest New Orleans was literally 5.5 people (gotta include mini-b2tm)...anything around that number would constitute as a gathering ;)
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    We could all go to mad-mex and get good mexican food, margaritas and post to macrumors using their free wireless net access (courtesy www.telerama.com)
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    Or if you get into a drunken brawl.... it would also constitute a riot...... heh heh heh :p

    I really must make the effort to fly over for one of these Geekfests....... :eek: ;) :D :p
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    We could um, "listen" to selections from one anothers music collection gav! ;)
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    They'd quite possibly have the same songs in them..... :p :p :p no nasty surprises then.... :p
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    I'm sure there would be some stuff that didn't overlap.... that is, for that moment, they didn't overlap. :)
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    ha ha ha...sounds good to me Moxie! :D

    nothing like throwing down a few margaritas then posting to your favorite web forum...he he he ;)

    I'll stay away from drunken brawls though...had to break up one the other night...not my bag... :)

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