Pittsburgh store coming soon?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sayhey, Mar 8, 2004.

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    infoAppleStore is reporting a tip that there will be a new Apple store in Pittsburgh soon.

    if true, and this site has a great record on this stuff, it would be the first store in the largest US metro area currently without a store.
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    Thomas Veil

    I'm surprised it took 'em this long. Cleveland only got its store last year. If they follow suit, they'll put it in the most upscale part of town, far from where the average folks live. I think that part is unfortunate.
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    As a former Yinzer the Station Square is probably the best place to put it and that is fairly central.
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    just as i am leaving they decide to put one there :mad:
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    Thomas Veil

    Central is good. Ours is on the far east end of town. I'm on the far west end of town, so it's about an hour's drive, through one of the most congested stretches of highway in town. Needless to say, I won't be visiting very often. :(
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    maybe with the new north shore development they'll put it in between pnc park and heinz field. i know they're looking for vendors for that section. that would be good news for apple's steel city profile, but bad news for mac outfitters, the store i bought all my stuff from before i moved. those are good guys.
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    yes, Station Square should have been a better place. But Waterfront is cool too.. I like the upscale South Hills Mall better though.

    I hope its coming soon
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    Don't get your hopes up. From the time they announced "we're planning a store" in Charlotte to actual opening (this Friday!) was about two years.
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    whatever they catch, they'd be wise to throw it back and not let it touch their skin.
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    Does Apple generally do the $250 grab bag at every opening or was that just a San Fran thing? I would definitely do a Pitt campout if that were the case. I'd have to disagree with the downtown locations idea though and say that Robinson would be ideal. Actually, Station Square is a bit of a dump, isn't it. It's one of those places like Underground Atlanta where there aren't really any decent stores, just crafty independents and a crappy mall record store. Anyways, sorry to offend anyone if they really like it and it has changed since last I've been there.
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    Just as everyone leaves and the door shuts on Pittsburgh, an Apple Store will be opened! ;)

    Hm. Maybe the city can get the taxpayers to fund $500 million for construction like they did for the stadiums.

    Or maybe it'll close down like all of the clubs.

    That said, I hope it comes to the waterfront, not because I like that blight of consumerism...but it's at least convenient to my house.
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    They aren't doing it at the Charlotte opening this Friday :(
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    What a horrid quote:

    Pittsburgh is HARDLY being revitalized! Unless you count a bunch of chain malls as revitalizartion!

    Our baseball team is bleeding red ink in a stadium built to supposedly make it competitive, our hockey team is dying and can't retain star players. Our citipark system is in disarray, and many public pools and rec centers are closing. The Lazarus-Macy's building is gonna be shut down in June after a whopping 3 years in business, and all that construction...for nothing!

    Young people are leaving in droves, there's little or no jobs here, Forbes ranks it the worst city to be single in, we've become a tier three music industry draw, after seeing the three major clubs (500+ capacity) close within the past year.

    Christ. What a bunch of mediocre reporting! Revitalization my ass! I mean, if a shopping center is built in the middle of nowhere, will people come to shop? Doubt it.

    And secondly, the Waterfront isn't inside a decommissioned steel mill. They tore down the mill to build an sprawling shopping center that the old people in neighboring homestead can't enjoy simply because there's absoltely no way to walk anywhere (it's SOOOo spread out) and because there's like, two bus stops. What a joke of urban planning!

    Another Pittsburgh misstep, IMHO, in the sterling tradition of Penn Circle and Allegheny Center. An easy way to ensure a neighborhood dies. Certainly! *shakes head*
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    I don't think Gary over at infoAppleStore really pretends to know what is going on in Pittsburgh. I think it is just a simple tip that he received about Apple planning to open a new store in your fair city. Does this mean you think they should skip it? I would think you are looking at a year out at the earliest. Usually it takes four to six months from when the job listings are posted at Apple's site. As of now, there are none for a Pittsburgh store. When I see them I'll post a notice. Hope it is not too long.
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    "He drops me off at Carnegie Mellon University, where I hook up with the team at the Robotics Institute, which are doing some pretty fantastic stuff with Linux, but yearn for a local Macintosh fix. Surprise! They tell me it won't be long before an Apple retail store comes to Pittsburgh, most likely in the nearby "The Waterfront" mall development along the Monongahelia River."
    Why would a team at robotics institutes get advance knowledge of an apple store? Seems like speculation, not fact.
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    It is always possible that the tip is wrong. However, most tips concerning the opening of new stores that have been broken by this site have been right. I can't vouch for the tip because I haven't a clue where it comes from, however, I would note that Carnegie Mellon is the former workplace of one very highly placed Apple Exec.
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    They use a lot of Macs at CMU. That is where I got seriously started on them. I helped program something there called "the Genie" as compiler/development environment. That was on a mac.
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    And wasn't OS X's mach3 kernel developed at CMU?

    CMU is one of the few things Pittsburgh might have going for it.
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    Yes, the head of Apple's software development is from CMU. I'm not trying to say that Tevanian is the source for the tip on the store, I'm only trying to say there are many connections between Apple and CMU that could be a source for insider information.

    bold type added

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    Yep. I was disappointed when I loaded up OS X and saw that CMUCSH wasn't the default shell :D
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    That doesn't seem to be fair. So is Apple playing favorites? Meaning is the $250 bag just going to be for Flagship Store openings.
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    i grew up down the street from cmu and was a student there for a couple years. if you live in squirrel hill and go to cmu, it's easy to forget that the city is falling apart around you.

    i do remember cmu's mac representation being pretty high. i haven't taken a class there since '00, but even in the old pre-osx days, there was at least 1 mac lab per building.
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    I don't know about "favorites" -- every store can't be a flagship. It does mean that this Charlottean won't be there for the opening! But I probably will drop by sometime in the next week. I want to see the new Nordstrom's, too.

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