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Pixar and G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by law guy, Jun 23, 2003.

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    law guy

    So, the "G5 Introduction" movie on the Apple site has interviews with various folks. http://www.apple.com/powermac/video/ One of those interviewed is the President of PIXAR (not to be confused with Jobs, the CEO). The footage shows Renderman on the G5 and the President of PIXAR states that using Renderman, the G5 is the fastest desktop in the world.

    While Pixar invested in a Xeon renderfarm awhile ago, have folks read that Pixar is moving to G5s for their artist workstations? It would certainly be exciting to see the G5 capture that special effects / animation segment once dominated by highend unix and recently converted to the Xeon.

    The reported renderman benchmark comparison is another exciting note of praise for the new G5s.
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    law guy

    now more of a software note, but here's a new Pixar press release

    EMERYVILLE, CA, June 24th, 2003 -_ At WWDC, Apple® announced the new Power Mac® G5 featuring the world's first 64-bit desktop processor. At Pixar, we have benchmarked RenderMan on the Power Mac G5 and are currently evaluating a full release of RenderMan® products for this hardware.

    Here are the details at this point:

    We have benchmarked PhotoRealistic RenderMan on Apple's new Power Mac G5 and have found the performance of the G5 to be impressive. We are considering a full release of our software for the G5, depending on customer demand and other issues._

    If the RenderMan products are announced for the G5, the earliest such a statement would come is August, 2003, when the G5 is released._

    The pixlet codec mentioned at WWDC is not a Pixar product. Inquiries should be directed to Apple.

    At this time we are measuring interest in Pixar's RenderMan Products for the Power Mac G5. If you are interested in RenderMan products for Mac, please register your interest by emailing rmanosx@pixar.com and make sure the subject line reads: "RenderMan for Mac." Also include your contact information._

    The software would be released after an accompanying beta period, which would most likely begin in August. Our beta program is only available to active Pixar customers with current maintenance agreements. Current customers may indicate interest in participating in the beta testing by emailing rmanosx@pixar.com, with contact info and the subject line, "RenderMan for Mac Beta Program."
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    Do I read this correctly? RenderMan in a Pixar product? I did not realize that. I've heard of RenderMan and know that it's a decent product.

    Go figure:)
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    pixar uses macs for previsualization and compositing if need be. they use intel and linux for workstations and rendering becuase no matter what steve says about the new 970s, real benchmarks show intel still being faster and cheaper. apples benchmarks were based on crippled pc systems, ie, no hyperthreading, no sse2, no optimizations, and the g5 benchmarks had every optimization and everything else. however, also remember, even though steve jobs is the ceo, pixar does not get a discount, or a heavy discount to buy all new machines. i'm sure they'll get a few, but businesses can't keep buying new machines everytime something new comes out. note, i am using panther right now and it's blazing on my old pismo :) it makes me want a 970 even more ...drooooooool....
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    When will we see the pixlet codec, panthar?? Will we have to buy Panthar to get the rest of the software, or will the new mail and other software be free (yes, I realize that iChat will cost)
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    Ive done many evals of Renderman and RAT using Maya in the last few years, and I would like to add that it isnt for newbies.
    I welcome this option to OSX so that I can use all available CPUs just in case I make the final jump to Renderman.
    I guess the only drawback is if I cant get all the PC heads to work along with the new G5s. Plus the fact that a render node is around 5K each:p

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