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Pixar's next movie: "UP"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ravenvii, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I'm surprised no one seemed to have posted about this yet. Pixar's next movie is going to be "UP".

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    Wow, that looks really boring :eek:
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    I love Pixar's work and creativity. From this trailer I wasn't too interested though. I am sure we will see some more about this in the near future.
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    The part with the boy scout was hilarious :D
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    C'mon. Totally awesome!
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    I was somewhat surprised too. At first I was like, "Oh, this will be real good... A old man floating around in a house by himself" :rolleyes:

    But that threw a little wrench into the whole thing. I do look forward to more trailers on this one.
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    that actually does look kinda cute. I don't think I'd pay to see it in the theater though.
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    Ratatouille looked boring as well, and (I think) it's my favourite Pixar film, mostly due to the fact that it was a really great film with a genuinely good script.

    Hopefully this will be really good when you watch it. :)
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    I was looking for the kid's apples, ;), but he must have dropped them on take-off. :D
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    Like Abstract, many of their latest movies seemed kind of boring from trailers, but once you actually saw it, you were blown away by how great they were. Ratatouille and Wall-e are probably some of my favorite Pixar movies. This movie will likely follow the trend and be great once you actually see it.
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    I wouldn't bet against a Pixar film.

    Nice to see John McCain get back up on the horse after losing last week. :D
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    See how this one pans out, doesn't look amazing, but, you never can tell with these guys, they're now out of their original scripts and ideas (wall*e being the last one left), so let's see where they want to go,

    I hope to dear god it's not going to be the bog standard 3 act paradigm film that the others have been, but without the cool memorable characters, hopefully there will be some amazing script work that'll tie it all together.
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    Need more toys story. Who's with me?
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    Looks fantastic.
  16. JNB
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    Regardless, it'll be technically brilliant, and the story will be complete and well-rounded. What Pixar film isn't?
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    Cars. I enjoyed the very end, although I'm not sure if that's because I really liked it, or because I was glad it was over. ;)
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    Cars wasn't their best outing, no.. Finding Nemo was their crowning achievement I think - it's like it all came together for one film.

    The first trailer for the last few Pixar movies haven't been that inspiring but generally by the time they've released a few it's starting to look pretty good and want to see it.

    I'm sure this will be the same. Pixar wouldn't produce a movie that was boring - they know what their winning strategy is (after how many Oscars and awards?) I don't think they're likely to mess up now.
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    looks good!
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    I'm sure it'll be more interesting than what the trailer leads to, most people probably think it might be kind of boring with just the old guy, but they're not going to make all those other movies and then make a completely lame movie. Whatever the case, I think it looks interesting :)
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    When I hear of a movie called "UP", I think of this...
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    Looks like it has potential to be a good movie. I guess we won't know until the movie comes out.

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