Pixel Resurrection?!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by themadchemist, May 8, 2004.

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    So to my chagrin and deep sadness, I had four dead pixels on my monitor...Of this I was quite certain. I had run one of those dead pixel testing programs, I had cleaned the screen, and had looked over and over again. For days and weeks, there they were: The four pixels that had failed.

    But then today, a miracle occurred. I restarted my computer after a couple of updates (none of which had to do with the display on my 12" PowerBook), and something truly incredible occurred.

    On this, the 8th Day of May, in the year 2004, those four, dearly departed pixels, rose again from their untimely demise, to live and glow once more! It was on this day that four pixels, once thought gone forever, were resurrected.

    Yes, it seems quite inexplicable and appears to be a miracle, of sorts, as I previously mentioned.

    Seriously, does anyone have any insight or experience with this happening? I thought it was rather strange.
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    Hallelujah! PRAISE THE LORD!!! :)
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    I've seen this happen a couple times on a Pismo and a Tibook. normally a pixel that is stuck dead will come to life, a pixel stuck on is not fixable.

    They say that you can "hasten" the revival by gently rubbing on the screen where the pixel is dead -- it may take a couple sessions, but eventually it will come back.

    But 4 pixels stuck dead and ALL of them coming back -- that is really lucky!
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    They were all together in one spot, so I guess that makes some sense. Thanks for the explanation, but nevertheless, this is a holy day.
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    yeah, there's a big difference between dead pixels and stuck pixels-- a dead one is one that's not getting electricity, it's burned out, not capable of working again because of damage. A stuck pixel is one that may display red, green, blue, or black (appearing as a dead pixel) and won't refresh-- hence 'stuck'. Sounds like you had four pixels stuck on black, and they unstuck themselves. As was said, gently rubbing the pixels can be enough to revive them, it could have also been environmental (eg, it was warmer than usual, or the humidity was less, or the air pressure changed) which actually fixed it for you--

    anyway, just be glad :)


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