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Pixelated and distorted photos PM G5 Dual 1.8

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Reibs, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Did a search on the forum here, but couldn't find anyone having the same problems I am having.

    When I download files from my cameras, usb or firewire card readers to my G5, I occasionally get photos pixellated and distorted. Lately the problem has got a lot worse. To the point where I can't use the G5 to make any photo adjustments. Sometimes the photo will download correctly, and when I hover over a file in the finder, the small version/icon appears that the photo is ok, however, when I open it up in any photo program (CS3, iphoto, Aperture, etc) the photos come out pixellated. Sometimes is it very subtle and others is drastic. I've tried connecting the cameras/reader to different port on the front and rear, same issues arise.

    At this point I'm thinking it has something to do with my video card, but I have no idea where to start to trouble shoot it.

    My G5 is a dual 1.8, with 8gb Ram.

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    Do you have another computer you can try to upload them to? Does it do the same thing to them? It looks like the jpeg files are corrupted. Maybe the files are not transferring properly?
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    When I use my powerbook to load photos, I get zero problems. I can load them to a portable drive that I share with the G5, and they appear fine on the PB. Then when I view them on the G5, bam! the pixellated photos start appearing again. So I know the problem lies on the G5 and not my camera or card readers or PB.
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    Then something is messing up or corrupting those files. Might be more of a software issure more then a hardware issue. If it was your video card then it shouldn't effect the file itself, just how it might display on your monitor. Can you transfer those "pixelated" pictures to your PB to see if they are still corrupted or displaying properly on another machine?
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    Thanks, but that picture I uploaded with this post was sent from my MB (I copied the file over from the G5.... So anything that gets messed up with the G5 stays that way. It corrupts the file permanently.

    I'm at a loss where to go from here.
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    uploaded pictures get distorted

    I don't know a lot about the technical side of computers (that's my husband's area). However, I regularly upload pictures to Blogger, Slide etc. Our brand-new mac (10.5.5, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) is distorting all my pictures when uploaded, if it even uploads them at all. (Pictures from my camera using different cards and my husband's cell phone all have the same thing happen). Most of the time, the sites just won't take the pictures. Sometimes they say the file is corrupt and sometimes it just times out or something. When I upload the same pictures from my OLD mac, no problem. (At first, I thought it was my new SD cards but with trial and error have ruled that out) The pictures print fine at a photo kiosk, no problem there.

    Sometimes the pictures get distorted after I put them on my computer. Once it messed up the pictures on my card when the computer froze and I had to remove the disc and lost most of my pictures to distortion. Most often, however, it is when I upload them to the internet. Fine on computer, distorted on internet.

    Did you find a solution? Mine have looked like your example but mostly not quite that bad.
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    Well I solved the problem.. sort of.... my daughters' PC died so she inherited the G5.. I bought a new 24"imac. Have zero problems with photos now. I gave up trying to find out what the problem was. I had heard everything from bad firewire/usb cable (it was not.. I tried 5 or 6 different ones.. and this was the answer the local mac repair depot came up with after a week of diagnostics) to a faulty motherboard (which wouldn't be cost effective to replace due to the age of machine) or a faulty graphics card (tried that, same results). So the lesson I learned here was to buy the extended warranty if you are going to buy the high-end $$$$ machine and let apple repair it or buy the imac and be prepared to replace it in 3 or 4 yrs.
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    I think it would have to be a bus issue with the AGP controller, which means video card or the motherboard is going.

    I like your solution though!! :D Grats on the new iMac.
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    I'm having pixellated problems in iLife '09 on my imac desktop

    I have a imac desk top. It was originally a late Intel Tiger, I've had 2 gigs added and then installed Leopard, iLife '09, then Snow Leopard. While editing photos that need enhancing, fixing red-eye, or cropping, "those photos" can turn a bright red or a green and you can barely see the photo behind it. If I click on it again, it'll go to stripes of red & white, with teeny tire marks I'd call it. Across the screen or diagonal across. The bright colors will go away, but sometimes I can't fix a photo that needs it at that time. So I go back later. It's very frustrating as I don't know what's causing it or how to make it go away. I'm trying to make a calendar and it's holding me up with this problem. I've taken it to Apple Genius and all they said was Revert it to Original and try editing the photo again. That doesn't help. My 3 years are up for Pro Care last August. Does this sound like a mother board problem someone has mentioned in another post, or something else? I go to One to One all the time and I don't know much about computers, just email and adding photos in my iphoto. Can anyone give me an idea what to do or say to Apple Genius so I can get it fixed?

    I took computer in a 2nd time since instructors for One to One told me to. The 2nd Genius FOUND the problem. It's with iLife '09 in iphoto when I edit my pictures. So I was told it was a bug in iLife '09 on the disc that I bought when it came out. A instructor noticed that I was editing my photos with the screen in FULL size and not ORIGINAL. Going back to Original (with the edges black on both sides, would help me so I won't have all these crazy colors taking over the whole screen. Using the "Adjust" with the sliders is better for brightness than just using the quick "enhance". Also try using the slider for SHADOWS, that brightens up the dark photos too. I can't redo Christmas over, so I have to fix my pictures the best I can by editing.

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