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All iPads PKard Reader

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by dinggus, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Has anyone bought one of these or another iOS reader? I'm just curious if it will suit my needs, I'd like to verify I can upload to secured websites.

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    What kind of files would you be uploading from iOS?
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    Word documents and power points.
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    I have one that I use to access my company's OWA with a CAC. It works pretty well except it doesn't support s/mime encrypted emails. Also there's no ability to save attachments to other apps like in the Mail app.

    I've never tried uploading anything.
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    Have you ever opened a PDF, Document or PowerPoint?
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    I just tried opening a Word document, a Powerpoint, and a .pdf. the MS files open, but they are still in the PKard browser; I can't save them to work with them in Pages, Keynote, or any other app. PDFs, however, have an option to export to anything. It almost looks like pdfs open in iBooks and from there can be exported across the system in standard IOS form.

    For attaching documents, again the Thursby software appears to only access Photos. It comes up with the "Take new photo" or "Use existing" buttons.

    At any rate, this app/hardware solution gets the job done for staying on top of work emails when I don't have access to a CAC-enabled computer, but some workarounds are required to get to where you have full editing control of documents. When I need to edit a document, for example, I'll forward the email from Thursby to my me.com email and use the full suite of functionality and system integration that comes through the Mail app.

    One MS releases Office for IOS and if Thursby would update their software to integrate better into IOS, this would be a more useful app.
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    Thank you. I'm going to need to upload to the server. Can I open a file from the server, edit it and hit save and it'll save to the server automatically? Only reason I'm asking is because that's how it is at work if we're just editing a document.
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    Sorry for the late response. I forgot to subscribe to the thread.

    As I understand it, iOS apps save all files within the app, and one app can't just go browsing in another app's files for something to upload.

    So, there are two discussions here: 1) uploading files and 2) editing documents.

    Uploading Files
    If I visit a site where an upload option exists (much like the attachments on this forum implementation), in Safari on iPhone, I have the option to use the camera or to allow access to the saved videos and photos. The PKard Reader app functions the same way. If you have seen a different experience (even in a different app), let me know and I'll try to find how it's done.

    Editing Documents
    Given the description, I believe the experience at work is something like Google Docs. We've tested Google Docs using Safari on iPad and were successful. We also tested Google Docs using PKard Reader and found that it didn't work at first. Changing the browser's User Agent allowed Google Docs to work with PKard Reader.

    Feel free to respond to this post with questions, and I'll try to answer. You can always email support@thursby.com with questions or post questions to the Thursby forum at www.thursby.com/forum.

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    Thank you for the response!

    I'm just hoping I'm not going to regret dropping $150 on an accessory and not be able to use it to do what I actually need to do. For instance save documents/PDFs or at least email them and then edit and email to secured email and upload to secure website.
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    Newer versions

    The next free app release will have better integration with the Google environment.

    Since the launch of the free SDK, more and more third party apps are tightly integrated, for example, from Juniper (VPN), Silanis (eDocument signing) and DBsign (web signing part of the New Year work at DTS). Other enterprise and secure cloud based apps are expected to be released in the New Year.

    S/MIME, although not required by most users, is part of the roadmap, with a FIPS 140-2 and card authenticated solution expected in Q1 connecting directly to Microsoft Exchange.

    All of our products are supported from the US by phone, email and dedicated forums -- we're happy to work with individuals and enterprises. Since there are so many forums and blogs, we tend to notice postings and queries directly to us first.

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