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Place that I can sell my MBA for real cheap?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mpsruo, Apr 12, 2010.

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    I'm looking to get rid of my MBA. Nothing wrong with it, just getting a MBP for graphics design. I don't know if classified posts are allowed here, so I won't give any details or price or anything like that. I'm wondering what's a good place to sell locally? Already up on craigslist. Don't want to deal with ebay, but will if I have to (I hate paying seller fees).

    Anyone sell their laptops in sites similar to craigslist?
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    There's a Marketplace section on site here..
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    Except I can't see it yet because I don't have 50 posts ; )
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    I think he/she meant sell it for a cheap fee (like eBay is expensive). Not that he wants to sell the MBA for cheap.
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    Ahh, can't read that good between the lines. Thanks.
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    You can sell on amazon too.
    They will charge you a fee but is not bad, plus no paypal fee. Mine is for sale too, on Amazon and craigslist. So far nothing. I'll wait one more week after that ebay.
    The 2.13 with ssd sells on ebay around $1300
    Here is the link to the amazon page

    Mine is the second one seller: Alessandro.
    The frist one is a rev. a 1.6ghz (I don't know why he posted it in the 2.13Ghz SSD section), good luck selling that one!
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    Yup, mine is a 1.6 Rev A too : ) But I'm selling it for mad cheap (<$500) thx for the advice. Why? Because on ebay, I can fetch about $600-700 if I'm lucky. Chances are, it'll be on the low end, ebay fee takes a portion of that and the work to ebay it right isn't worth my time :p

    EDIT: Nevermind! Put it up on craigslist and already got 3 emails. Guess the price IS good. Thx for advice guys!
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    The original MBA is overpaid for by the majority of those buying them on Craig's List and eBay. The thing is people don't look and understand the specs other than drive size. Someone could use a rev 2,1 MBA in the Apple Store and think it's magic then go buy a rev A 1.6 GHz with 80 GB HDD and think the drive is the only difference. The educated buyer wins and the uneducated buyer loses... the original MBA seller wins when he/she gets an uneducated buyer. I have seen rev B with 1.6 and SSD go for $600, and I have seen rev A with HDD and 1.6 go for $1000+ including an SD.

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