planning ahead, Leopard install on modded Sawtooth

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by FJ218700, Oct 11, 2007.

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    So my 500 MHz G4 Sawtooth is now running a PowerLogix Dual 1.3 GHz processor. With 2 GB or RAM too and 128 MB VRAM, I'm pretty sure that Leopard will run just fine. BUT, If the minimum system requirement for Leopard ends up being 867 MHz, will I be able to install. i.e., will the installer recognize that the processor has been ugraded? Anyone know how this works?

    IF NO, I'm planning on pulling the drive, installing Leopard via FW externally from my PB 1.67, and then dropping the drive back in. Will this work?

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    If the processor card that you have requires an 'enabler' application to be recognized at full speed, then it is possible that you may run in to problems.

    If you do have a power PC based laptop, you can install via firewire anyway. Just boot the tower in to target disk mode and use the powerbook to install.
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    No enabler that I'm aware of,

    and I should have mentioned that the FW ports are blown, I really need to get a PCI expansion.

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