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planning trip to vegas, recommend some must have apps panorama, camera+ etc

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by bobright, Oct 21, 2010.

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    so like the title going to Vegas for vacation and looking to buy some apps to load up for the iphone - any apps preferrably like camera ones for the scenery of course or any that u think may be of good use can you guys recommend some?

    thx MacRumors gang
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    I use Pano, Hipstamatic and just the default camera app for pictures. I also have ReelDirector for video editing/creating. That's pretty much all I've ever needed on vacation
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    When are leaving and where do you live? LOL
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    What you need to get is AutoStitch and Gotta See This (I think that's the name of it) apps. Used to like Pano a lot but having to manually line up each shot sucked. The Gotta See This app basically takes videos and converts them into a photo collage type format. Pretty cool and would definitely look great with some shots of Vegas at night time.
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    right on for the recommendations

    any more ?
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    cocky jeremy

    TiltShift, Pano, Pro HDR, Camera+, Hipstamatic, Phototreats, Instagram, ColorSplash, CameraPrime, CinemaFX Video
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    I dropped about $20 on photo apps because of ^ thread.
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    someone needs to bump it (I was the last poster so I don't wanna get kicked) but it's a great thread that should be stickied
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    Try to stop by here: http://www.neonmuseum.org/ if you get a chance. I went in August and used my iPhone 4 for everything and got some BEAUTIFUL shots.

    Apps used:
    • TiltShift
    • Hipstamatic
    • Camera+
    • CinemaFXV
    • FilterStorm
    • Photogene
    • ColorSplash
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    Any other must see attractions? Also did you shoot photos in hipstamatic color splash etc, or in the phones camera app and port them through these apps?

    Saw the camera thread got a few programs already thx
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    Or just watch some simple youtube vids on Photoshop and do this all after you take pics.

    I was going to buy Pano til I found out PS can automatically make its own Pano, you just select pics and thats all.
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    In the interest of speed, a lot of the photos I took were just straight stock iPhone camera, and then I ported them into Camera+ / ColorSplash later to tweak what looked like the best photos. It also keeps me from overusing effects on every single photo.

    Other fun attractions are the MGM Lions, but a little tough to photograph behind the glass enclosure -- got some fun video there. The lookout at the top of the Stratosphere was also fun for photos & video.
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    Yeah I definitely want to see the MGM Lions and try and take some flicks whatever I can, also the Stratosphere never heard of is that some type of paid sightseeing type of deal? Also the movie Casino from what ive read was filmed in The Riviera Casino does it resemble the movie at all? Or is everything remodeled? if you know

    and thanks for explaining the ghosting everybody and for pic posted would definitely want to avoid that!!
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    I'm going to Vegas in the 1st week of November. I got all the camera apps I need and I also got Video safe for the NWS vids and pics:D.

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