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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by onthecouchagain, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I think soon has already arrived. Appshopper shows 677K iOS apps. There are 600K for iPhone, 280k for iPad, and 11k for OSX. There is some obvious overlap between iPad and iPhone that implies about 2/3 of those 280k iPad apps are universal apps.

    I knew it was only a matter of time before the Android store passed the iOS store in sheer number of apps. This is a two edged sword that actually puts Apple at a disadvantage when iOS users can't get fundamental and useful apps like Wifi Analyzer without resorting to jailbreaking and Cydia while at the same time it puts Apple at an advantage as there are no known malware apps in the iOS app store.
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    This speaks nothing to the quality of apps on each platform. Anybody with a computer can make an app for Android, and since the platform is much less profitable, developers often prioritize their resources and time with IOS. I'm generalizing, but Android apps really aren't to the same level of fit and finish as iOS apps, also due to Android's fragmentation.

    I think the Play Store is actually quite horrid; it's rife with garbage. Don't even get me started on malware.
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    I have a GS3 and a iP5. Your fragmentation argument is now moot, how many apps will show completely on the full 4" of the iP5? Not that many (most of the ones I have now show with black borders). All the apps I have for my S3 fit perfectly and are of the same quality as the iOS apps.
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    The black bordering is a temporary inconvenience. And honestly you can't make a reasonable argument that App Store apps = Android apps in quality and polish. You need to compare and contrast the stores and apps side-by-side.
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    The number of apps does not mean anything. it is the quality of the apps.

    This is known as "shovelware" in the console world. For all i care, those 670,000 apps can be all apps that will play sounds when u press different buttons like "Arnold quotes " .

    Its the quality of the apps and variety. Still no one would say who has better quality apps, but to me looks like it is the iOS. But I could be dead wrong.

    If any one here is a long time mac user, Apple used to have ads back around 98-99 I believe, saying that even though Windows has more apps those apps are worthless and its about quality and all the major apps are supported and have a mac version like photoshop and quicken.

    I am still looking for that ad on video...cant find it
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    I would say that android has all the major apps down pat with equal quality to iOS. I cannot tell the difference, at least for a stock jellybean Nexus.
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    No contention there. Quality of apps is a big deal and will be a sticking point for Android and developers. I think most of the mainstream apps are pretty even, but there is certainly room for improvement overall.

    The point, though, is that as Play Store apps proliferate and the user base grows and downloads more and more, developers will see the swing.

    We're seeing a shift.
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    The black bordering is temporary but it is fragmentation. You know, what you accused Android of in your previous post. So let me get this straight, when its Android it is fragmentation, when it's Apple it is a temporary inconvenience? Yeh right.

    I can make a side by side comparison between the apps I have on my iPhone 5 and my Galaxy S3 and I find them comparable in quality. Have you got both operating systems so that you can do a side by side comparison?
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    This is pretty accurate from a developer's point of view, actually, when you consider exactly what has to be accommodated.
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    Can someone point me to this iOS/Android app quality discrepancy?
    All of the staple apps I use are the same quality on Android compared to iOS and I can't actually say I use an app I hate on either OS due to clunkiness or poor aesthetics.

    I find most of my Android apps easier to use thanks to the way third party applications can hook into the "share" function of Android and also the way different default applications can be set (which is totally limited on iOS).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Anyone have any specific examples of Android applications which just plain suck on Android compared to iOS?

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    I'm talking about the huge portion of Android phones running out-of-date software, the wide spectrum of hardware/screen sizes/form factors/aspect ratios, etc. The iPhone may have fragmentation, but it is to a negligible degree when compared to Android.

    And the primary apps may be almost equivalent, but many get updated first on iOS. And I don't only use "main" apps. I have high-quality music software that is non-existent on Android. Trust me, I've looked. There are way more good applications on iOS than there are on Android. Try to disagree with that, it's not possible.
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    You may have some good discussion points, (few of the above comments qualify) however, I find it difficult to take you seriously when you perceive everything Apple as good and everything Android as bad. There is just no middle ground, I don't know why you bother coming to this forum.
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    Do you have anything substantive to say on the actual topic or the arguments zbarvian presented?
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    Define "almost equivalent"?

    For me - android has some superior "primary" applications due to their added functionality. app - realtime scrobbling of music tracks on device played in many media players. The iOS app lacks this functionality.

    Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, Google Drive, Facebook, Box (and many others) which hook into the "share" functionality of the OS meaning any web browser, file browser, gallery, document creation software and more can "share" to other sources within any other application.

    This is one of my favourite features of Android as I can be browsing pictures in my galley, hit share then "Instagram" and share a picture directly from my gallery which is limited to Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook on my iPad and iPhone. To do the same on iOS I'd have to exit the pictures app, fire up instagram, browse to the picture I was just looking at again then share it from the instagram application itself - a bit more cumbersome IMO, especially with large picture collections on device.

    Another good use of the share functionality is via Pocket. If I'm browsing and see an article I wan't to share to Pocket (which will sync across my iOS and Android devices) I simply hit "share" then "Add to pocket". I can then later read it on my iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus.

    Yes there are some great exclusive iOS applications (GarageBand is untouchable IMO) but the cross platform apps are either on a level playing field or (for me) better on my Android hardware.

    Are there any specific cross platform applications you can show me that I'll be thrilled at on my iPhone which will make me cry using it on my Galaxy Nexus?
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    Do you? my discussion was earlier in the thread, my reply was aimed at zbarvian, do you speak for him?
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    People who bother to defend their points (even if I disagree) and do so without invective are worth reading and responding to. People who cop out by saying the things you did aren't. I keep a well-pruned ignore list for a reason, and am just looking to make the right decision here.
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    You disagree with my assessment of his posts, that's fair enough, but that is the way I see it, I suppose my post could be considered harsh, but nevertheless, that is my opinion.
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    I do love the way Android does the sharing thing. I wish iOS would do something similar. They are getting there, but the only option to share in iOS is with baked in services and nothing as extensible as ICS or JB.
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    There is only 1 app of the top of my head that is good on iOS and completely sucks on Android. Facebook.

    I know the Facebook app sucks because the Android version is still coded in HTML5 instead of Objective C... but man, Facebook needs to update that.
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    I don't perceive everything Apple as good and everything Android as bad. Not even close. I bemoan the flaws in both platforms.
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    That is a good example there. Luckily, I don't use Facebook so I can't "test" that one. :D

    The transition from the HTML5 iOS app to a native one has been a hugely popular move from what I've been reading.
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    Half of those apps are quality apps the other half are terrible
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    Dr McKay

    Facebook is developing a native Android app for Facebook.
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    I just moved to Android and every app I had on my iPhone was available to me on Android, the apps are every bit as good, so I don't feel the quality of the apps should be an issue.

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