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Playback on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone 3GS

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Sparced, Feb 27, 2010.

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    All I want is to covert 720p MKVs so I can watch them primary on my Apple TV and have the option to view them on the iPad, iPhone if I ever wanted without sacrificing too much quality.

    Is this method, application, settings the best solution?

    I've got a movie open now and it would take a 2.6GB, 3.2Mbps 1280x688 file and turn it into 1.3GB, 1.6Mbps and 640x352.
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    MKVs can be a bitch to convert. But Handbrake seems to handle them pretty well, for me at least. It has presets for the Apple TV/iPhone etc. and I guess iPad when it comes out.
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    I use Handbrake. Universal preset usually does the job pretty well. Output plays on ATV, iPhone, iPod etc...
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    I convert two files: a 1280x720 version for Apple TV, and a 720x480 anamorphic version for iPhone and other portables.

    I use the Universal preset for both and tweak the display settings. You could also do what iTunes does and do a 640x480 anamorphic encode for 16:9 content, or 640x352 for wider content.

    Unless you're trying to get HD, my suggestion is the same as Bevz', just use the Universal preset and you will get near-DVD quality files that have a pretty low file size, look great on the Apple TV and will also play on the iPhone.
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    Two files seriously? I don't have the patience for that.

    I stopped using Handbrake and went back to VisualHub. When I found out about VideoMonkey being it's successor I was excited. So far I'm pleased with the results, quality on my 42" plasma is good. They look better than standard def iTunes rentals and are around the same file size.

    I'll continue using VideoMonkey.
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    I would still suggest giving Handbrake a shot on one encode with the Universal Setting, you may be surprised.
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    I've just been on the Handbrake forum and read that the current Apple TV present can be played on an iPhone 3GS since firmware 3.1 which is surely less powerful than the iPad.

    This would mean you don't have to use the Universal present. Wish I would have found this out a few days ago. :)

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    I do the two-encode thing too. It's worth the extra effort (which is minimal) as a 720p movie is ~4GB while an encode using the iPhone preset comes in at ~800MB. You can get 5x the number of movies on your iPhone with the "low res" encode than you can if you cram it full of 720p movies (the quality of which are wasted on the iPhone).

    FWIW, I use a tweaked version of the Apple TV preset to encode the HD version (I set the framerate to 24, change the anamorphic setting to "None" and set the picture width to 1280), and this plays just fine on my iMac. I expect it will play just fine on an iPad too, based on the video processing specs published by Apple.
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    I have an AppleTV and an iPhone 3GS with the latest (not jail broken) iPhone software and firmware updates. Using Handbrake with the AppleTV preset results in one movie that syncs from iTunes and plays nicely on both the AppleTV and my iPhone. A 2 hour movie is about 1 GB in size using the AppleTV preset with no other tweaks in Handbrake.
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    Bear Hunter

    Too much trouble going the route of ATV, iTunes, etc.

    Streaming your videos to TV: Xbox + Networked Drive (which stores all your movies) + 360 Connect

    Viewing movies on iPhone: Download "Air Video" app. which allows you to stream your videos from your movie folder (either on your home computer or a networked drive) via WiFi or 3G from anywhere in the world. No conversion necessary..Air Video can do conversion on the fly while your watching. No unecessary space taken up on your phone by synching movies, and the quality is great.
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    The AppleTV and iPhone 3GS can both play the AppleTV preset which is pretty much the same quality as Universal but at a smaller file size. The iPad is anticipated to be able to play the AppleTV preset as well, but there will be no official findings until a HandBrake dev has one and tests.

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