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Playing Flash on 11" vs 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by crisito, Nov 8, 2010.

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    I have the 13" 1.86GHz model with 4GB RAM. When playing flash videos, it gets very noisy.

    This is the only thing stopping me from getting the 11" and returning the 13". Will the 11" 1.4GHz be even noisier than the 13" or just the same? Will it be able to handle flash videos?
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    I haven't noticed any noise coming from mine, and that is with using imovie, iweb, and watching flash videos, and streaming on home sharing. Check your activity monitor to see what else could be utilising your processor.
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    Really? I've read on several other posts that the fans come on a few mins after a flash video starts, which is what mine does. Which one do you have?
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    11.6, 1.4, 4 gb ram, 128 gb ssd
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    Mine is running great, very silent, rarely hear the fan kick in, and when it does it runs very silent.
    Anyway, here is a post of mine from another similar topic, maybe it helps out a bit? Still have to say that mine wasn't noisy even when playing movies with flash, before I installed the extension 'Youtube5':

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    this is funah

    i think flash will never be friendly to a mac... every mac ive used it's been terrible friends with flash.
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    Just install clicktoflash extension for safari and you'll have much better experience. It replaces the flash with h.264 (when available)

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    Dammit Cubs

    As long as you download flash 10.1 that uses GPU acceleration. You won't have a problem.
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    I have run iChat video chat on both my 11" and 13", and after about 15 minutes of video chat, the fan kicks in on full blast and it gets very noisy, on both machines this happens. Video chat also eats away at the battery very very quickly.
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    This evening I've been videochatting with my dad for an hour. We use Skype for this. No fan kicked in, if it did then unnoticeable quiet, and stayed very quiet and cool.
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    I just returned my 13" MBA. I really loved it but I use Skype alot. With Skype the fan went up to 4500 rm, sometimes up to 6500 rm. The noise was beyond comfort level.

    I still couldn't figure out whether I got a bad model or whether this is MBA endemic.
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    Must have been a bad model. Mine is amazingly quiet, never had a Mac so silent before, and I have had a lot! I use the new one for Full HD video (I connect it to my 42" full HD TV), à lot of Skype (got many friends all over the world) and more stuff.

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