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playing full albums

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by eclipse01, Sep 25, 2013.

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    is there a way you can make it stop (like pre IOS7) when the album is done playing, rather then move onto the next?
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    Bottom left repeat options.

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    I guess that is not what I mean.

    like for a certain artist I have 4 albums for, if i play the first album, when that is done it will just move onto the next album, I would like it to stop.
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    Turn repeat off and it will stop once it's done. I just tried it and it stops at the end of the last song.

    If you are starting a song that is in a list of albums it will continue down the line. Go into the albums view and select a single album.

    You are going into artists view and playing an album from a list of albums. If you do that it just continues down the list. You will also notice that repeat album is replaced by replace artist.
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    yeah, I see that...not a fan of this change!
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    It makes it function more like how the desktop version of iTunes works now.
  7. xlost6, Sep 25, 2013
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    Thank you for this:D

    Now to solve the duplicate problem.

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