Playing Video Games May Hone Surgical Skills

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Apr 9, 2004.

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    "Where's the doctor?"

    "He's warming up his skillz. Just set a new high score!"


    *high five*

    I guess Doogie Hauser was ahead of his time.
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    It only makes sense, doctors have been telling us for years that video games enhance hand/eye coordination, but people only focus on the negatives. Typical. Complex things like flying a fighter jet are also easier for people with gaming experience. Kind of reminds me of "Toys", where children were trained to operate drone aircraft without even knowing it, through video games. Kind of an interesting concept, now that so much is automated, humans can man the controls from thousands of miles away. Certainly today's breed of Doom playing kids will help usher in robotic warfare...

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    Eye hand coordination is critical in surgery. Now with the use of laparoscopic surgery, it uses the skills of video games. Plus a lot of knowledge and practice with these skills. It's becoming such a virtual world. This type of surgery is much better for the patient less pain and quicker recovery time.
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    I would be curious to see what type of game in particular would be more "skill enhancing". I guess my old days of Pac Man don't even count :(
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    Hmm... Perhaps this means that I would be a good surgeon? Yet another career option! :p But seriously, that doesn't surprise me too much. Videogames have definately enhanced my hand-eye coordination, which is useful for baseball, and other sports. I could see how playing games where lots of precision is required, like Super Monkey ball, would be useful to a surgeon.
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    Boo yah!

    Time to stary playing Counter-Strike again, I got to start my military training.

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