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Playing xvid in itunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by cmonster, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Since some one has found a way to play xvid on apple tv. How to you play them in itunes. I have never been able to add them to my library on my pc. There doesn't seem to be any xvid codecs for quick time on the pc.

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    There aren't! You're screwed! :D
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    Wow thanks for the hospitality on my first post. Telling me I am screwed is so helpful. Then how are people playing in on AppleTV?
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    AppleTV uses quicktime to play videos, hence why adding an extension to Library/Quicktime will allow you to play other codecs.
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    I'm not being inhospitable, I'm just stating a fact. Besides, that's why I added the smiley—if you'd been talking to me in real life it would've been like a jovial "You're screwed!" shouted while smiling with my arms up in the air. That's hard to convey on the Internet. Chill.

    There aren't any QuickTime components that support XviD on Windows, that's what I was saying. The Apple TV can play it now because it runs OS X, and there ARE QuickTime components for OS X that enable XviD playback.
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    Alright I under stand now. Your right is is hard to understand sarcasm in text, my apologies for misunderstanding you. I am surprised that now one has come up with a codec for quicktime in windows.

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    I think it's less that it's particularly hard to come up with, and more that there's simply almost zero demand. Because XviD/DivX are already supported in the myriads of other DirectShow/VfW media players on Windows (and because so many people seem to hate QuickTime Player on Windows... and not entirely without reason), no one's bothered making one.

    I'm thinking that the newly hackable AppleTV might change that, but who knows how long that might take.
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    I can really see your point and it makes a lot of sense. But I would love to have everything in iTunes and stream to my other computers. Using it with Frontrow and such. I haven't had to bad of luck with quicktime on windows. I have probably had just as much trouble with Media player.

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    I've found two ways to play xvid files without using VLC (But I still prefer VLC)

    1) Once you have the codec installed drag the xvid file to ~/Movies and you will be able to play it via FrontRow (but still not iTunes)
    2) Using ffmpegX, convert the file to .mov and then import it into itunes.

    I just tried installing the perian codec and iTunes is [smart|dumb] enough to still not add the xvid file to the library.
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    You need to create a "reference movie" that iTunes will be able to use, which basically links to the xvid/whatever file.

    Check out http://dettmer.maclab.org/movie2itunes.html

    As for if it is possible on Windows, no idea sorry...
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    Another possibility is just to take the streams out of the AVI/etc... container and repackage it in MP4/MOV. The author of VisualHub posted something about this here: http://forums.somethingawful.com/sh...2391956&perpage=40&pagenumber=6#post324818105 there's a link to a command line executable. This'll probably be the method of choice for most people since it should be relatively quick and "permanent".

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    Convert it to .MOV using Quicktime Pro

    Hope this doesn't sound too complicated.

    The Xvid .AVI format includes an unrecognized mp3 audio layer because the original .AVI spec does not allow VBR audio, .MOV allows VBR audio

    1. Install the 3ivx codec http://www.3ivx.com/download/
    2. Extract the audio layer http://www.aoamedia.com/audioextractor.htm
    3. Open the mp3 file in QuickTime Pro, Edit-> Select All, Copy
    4. Open the Xvid .AVI in QuickTime Pro, Edit -> Add to Movie
    5. File -> Save -> Save as a self-contained movie .MOV

    Now you can add the file to your iTunes playlist and play the movie.
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    I know this thread is old but never mind.

    You can just use Handbrake and convert it a mp4 file and then it plays directly in itunes and front row, presto. 2 minutes and your done..
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    2 minutes? How did you manage that?
    I tried doing it and it was taking hours to run on a movie length file.

    Using Visual Hub does it in about 40 minutes, so I've been doing that...but if there's a quicker way, it would make life easier.
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    Remuxing only requires about a minute or so and there is no quality loss. You aren't converting the video, but are just moving the streams into a different container.
    I don't know if visualhub is capable of passthroughs, but I believe ffmpegX is.
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    From memory (so sorry if this is incorrect). This works fine to get iTunes to recognize and play Xvid BUT they do not appear on the AppleTV when streaming?:confused:

    I use XBMC anyhow, seems a no brainer with the :apple:TV but I can understand there may be people who don't want to get into all that.
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    I think you can hack the Apple TV with perian, then it should be able to play anything you can load into iTunes.
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    Hi, what you can do is to hack / patch your ATV with a so-called Patchstick. This allows you to play non-iTunes video formats.

    PM me if you need more info.

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