Playstore refund. Is this new?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by MRU, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. MRU


    Is this new folks?

    On previous android devices if I bought an app, found I didn't like it within the 15 minutes I had to visit google PlayStore and request refund/return.

    However I just deleted an App I bought before the 15 minutes and it automatically refunded me without me having to go into the google PlayStore or request return/refund.
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    Yea it's been that way. As long as it's under 15mins you get an automatic refund. I think you get an email too.
  3. MRU


    Right... Wonder why it never worked before like that... :confused:

    Maybe because previously I had more than one device listed on Google PlayStore and that maybe why it didn't auto refund as it assumed I could still use the app on my other devices listed ?

    That's probably a logical explanation as I can find.
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    Maybe before you uninstalled from settings and this time you uninstalled via the play store.
  5. MRU


    No I uninstalled directly from the app drawer on my HTC One. Hence I was pleasantly surprised I didn't have to go back into playstore. :)
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    Nope, having more than one device connected to your PlayStore account doesn't affect your ability to get refunds within the 15 minute period. The PlayStore would know it anyway if the app has been installed on more than one device within that time and it would simply just uninstall it on every device you have it installed.
  7. MRU


    ok thanks :) must have been gremlins in my previous devices so.
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    I think what I mean is more that you didn't use the Play Store to do the uninstall.
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    Yup, I work the app over for 10 hard so I can grab the refund real quick if I need. Something I really like about Playstore.
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    This is definitely an area where Google has the one up, but I wish they'd extend it to at least 30 minutes. Some apps really require way more than a 15 minute trial to know for sure if it's a keeper. Then again, iOS and WP8 aren't doing this at all so I'll take what I can get!
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    This should be an hour. Some apps take 20 minutes just to set up and test properly.
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    It used to be 24 hours but Google reduced it to 15 minutes for some reason.
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    I would have loved a 24 hour window. But I feel too many people could have taken advantage of that if they only needed an app for a day. That's why I think a 1 hour window would be a good compromise.
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    this. not to mention games that require you to actually dl the game after you download the app from the store
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    How dare you all abuse the Play store return policy!!! :rage!:
  16. MRU


    Well its better than being bored at home abusing yourself .... Idle hands and all that :D:p

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