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Please Help ASAP... (iBook mouse/ trackpad)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by footballforever, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Just got an Ibook and I can't seem the get the on board mouse and trackpad to work, the person who used it before me used a wireless mouse, is there a FN I can press to get my on board mouse to work, please help.

    Also on the IBOOK, is the power light supose to be lighting green, because it's on and It's not green...
  2. TEG
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    It is probabily just disabled in the System Preferences. You should be able to check.

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    I go to the system preferences and I type keyboard and I can't seem to really do anything else.
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    If it's not lighting green but is orange, then that just means it's charging.
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    the charger part is orange, I'm asking about the power button itself, is that supose to ligh up or just the charger part?
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    Just the charger part.
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    if I put in a usb mousr it works, but when I take it out, I can't get the mouse to work on the Ibook itself, WTF.
  8. TEG
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    Does Trackpad not apper under Keyboard & Mouse? Many people set the comptuer up to disable the trackpad if a mouse is connected. If you disconned an external mouse, the internal trackpad should turn back on. You can disable that in the trackpad section of the Keyboard & Mouse Preference Pane. If that still doesn't work, there may be a problem in the preference files or an actual hardware problem.

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    when I take out the USB mouse, the on board and track pad does not work, Where in the system setting do I check this, I go to keyboard and mouse and I don't see anything that says turn it off?

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