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please help me, its important

Discussion in 'iPod' started by **roxy**, Nov 7, 2006.

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    please can someone help me?

    i just recently had to take itunes off and put it back on again. Now i have done that the songs won't go on my computer because when i restore the 1.1 version of ipod software it says that the firmware file cannot be found. Can someone please help me and possibly give me advise on how to fix this. It has taken me ages just to get itunes back. Thank you.
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    You can try iTunes->Check For updates... first.

    What kind of iPod do you have? If it's an older one, there may still be a standalone updater around somewhere.
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    have done that, there are none.
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    you mean the apple software update. i dont know where the itunes update is.

    its an ipod nano :(
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    There should also be an update menu item under the iTunes menu of iTunes, give that a try.

    What version of iTunes are you running?

    The new style or the old black/white kind?
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    the black/white one
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    is there anything you suggest. is there anything i can do i mean i dont even know what it is. is there another board on here or somewhere i dont hav to register where someone can tell me what has gone wrong and how to put it on.
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    Here are the last standalone iPod updaters for Mac and for Windows. these will restore your nano to firmware v1.2

    You could have received faster results if you had described your hardware and software adequately from the start. Paid support is available from Apple if you can't wait for free help.
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    its windows xp

    nano ipod

    its the firmware

    thats all i know


    no need to be like that.
  10. jsw
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    Download the linked updater iMeowbot provided. Let us know what happens once you have downloaded and run that linked file.

    There's no reason for you to go back to before 1.2. I also assume you have the latest iTunes version installed.
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    Okay, the Windows link is in the previous posting. That contains the firmware for the nano with "chrome" back. If you actually have one of the rounded color models that just came out, it will be necessary to play with iTunes a little more.

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