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Please Help - Mountain Lion Installation

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by DavidLeigh, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Need some help. I thought i'd download Mountain Lion just to get hold of it but didn't want to install it yet. What really annoyed me is that it started installing immediately after in App Store. I hope OS X doesn't do this often. Ease of use is one thing, but complete lack of control is another. So i hit the cross icon next to it half way the installation. It just stopped and now has waiting next to it in App Store. What does this mean? Is it half installed? Where is the downloaded Mountain Lion now and how do i restart installation?

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    If you quit the installation is stays in Applications. Double click it again to install. It only deletes itself after it is installed.
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    ok, obviously i still don't understand my mac. Things i don't understand:

    1) why did it start "installing" automatically in App Store. I didn't tell it to. It didn't tell me it had finished downloading. I was in the middle of browsing. How on earth was it going to make changes to the OS without me knowing?

    2) I stopped it in App store, but there is still a 70% complete bar under launchpad. Going into launchpad, it still says mountain lion is "installing". It no longer says installing in App Store, just "waiting..."

    3) yes i can see the installer in App Store. But this creates even more confusion. Firstly i clicked and now it's on the Dock. I can't quit it or close the installer? Secondly, i don't know how much is installed already. Hell, i don't even know if its fully downloaded!!! :confused: I have no intention of installing it tonight. Can i even turn off my computer?
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    1. Apple I'm sure thinks it is convenient for the user for the installer to start when done. I know of no other applications that do this. No changes would be made, you have to click through several screens before it actually installs.
    2. I am not sure why the App store shows it is 70% complete when the installer launched, it is obviously 100% done.
    3. You can quit it in the dock. I am not sure what you are seeing in the App store. Nothing is installed as you would have to agree to license terms and click through several screens to actually install as well as enter your password. You can turn off your computer, nothing was installed unless you clicked through several screens and entered a password. The actual install is about 30-40min plus a reboot.
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    sorry i probably wasn't clear. The installer looks ok and you are right that you have to click through agreements. I can also quit it on the dock by right clicking on it. What i'm talking about is that the installer didn't pop up earlier. I was browsing and then i checked the App Store and to my surprise it no longer said Downloading but "installing...7 minutes remaining" or something, so i clicked the cross next to it to stop it. Why would the app store say '"installing" with the installer appearing first?
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    The ML OS does not install like that. Updates to previously purchased apps update this way. It downloads the update and says installing as the "update" installs.
    Mountain Lion does not install this way. You purchase it. It downloads, finishes and launches an installer as you have seen.
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    I'm guessing then that App Store was probably doing something else when it said "installing", coz like i said the installer didn't pop up automatically. I clicked it in Applications. Thing is, i stopped what it was doing half way and now i don't know what to do.:confused:
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    I am not sure , what do you want to do? Install ML? Double click on the installer in Applications and install. Simple.

    What you saw was some other app being updated.

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