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please help theres a dvd in my new mba superdrive??

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jdcrow711, Jan 31, 2008.

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    theres a dvd called 2008_02AUTHORINGDIAG0 in my superdrive with a file called TMP0.QQPZCL on it.

    any ideas what it is?
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    Maybe the firmware or something Apple uses to setup the drive in the factory.

    Can you eject it and use another disk?
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    Eric Lewis

    so a dvd came in ur drive? from apple?
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    yes it can be ejected. it is a gold CD-R from china.
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    oh cool. Maybe you can sell it on ebay as a collectors item lol.
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    Meh, sell it in the marketplace here. You'd get more for some kind of Apple junk like that here than ebay.
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    I don't know I haven't gotten it yet. But I am assuming the disk he's talking about is firmware or diagnostic tools Apple uses in the factory.
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    Wow thats cool. I bet you could make some money off of it. I wonder what it is. Probably some kind of test cd.
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    Image it and get it to the torrent sites, enjoy your fame and fortune!

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