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    Jan 6, 2013
    My friend and I created an iOS game. this is our first game, lots of time spent on it. we are using the cocos2d-x framework to build this game to acheive best quality.

    but we don't feel quite good about it, it's one of those classical jump games. we need advices from users to improve this game. we are thinking add new features to make it more addictive and enjoyable. we are fast responsive to any feedbacks. you always get the best advices from your users right?

    we released it yesterday, game name: waka jump
    below it's a link to our game:
    if link is not allowed, i will delete it.

    The prototype comes from the famous Doodle Jump. we made some changes:
    1. we adjust the jump speed as user gets to higher place to make it more exciting.
    2. we add differents types of suits.
    3. we add many animals elements to our game.
    4. many other features.

    Please help.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

    10 redeem codes:

    some screenshots attached in case you are interested:)
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    I haven't used one of your redeem codes because I don't have time to do it justice, but here's a couple of notes...

    It may be addictive, but in the screenshots it doesn't really look it. There isn't really a great sense of lots of things happening, just a figure hovering in the centre of each screenshot (yeah, I know he's jumping). You might want to try to get some shots where its more clear what the degrees of freedom are. Maybe a big curvy whoosh line behind the player character. You can move sideways can't you? I'm sure you can, but again, it kinda looks like you can't, which would make for a very dull game.

    Also, there's not enough variety in the backgrounds. Just changing the colour of the sky will make people feel like they're getting something for their money. Sunset level, night level etc... The fact that you only have two kinds of platform suggests its going to get repetitive very quickly.

    Nice artwork though.

    Finally, I'm guessing you haven't licensed the Iron Man, Mario etc. characters. In which case, I'm afraid you'll have to expect letters from lawyers and you risk having your game pulled from the store.

    Edit: Also, 'lonelysoft', really? That might make your potential audience think that maybe there's better things they could be doing with their life and their dollar than staring at a singleplayer game for hours. Like saving up to buy a girl a drink. ;)
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    Jun 29, 2012
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    Last code 3wpn was used.....

    Thanks a lot for your kind offer. I enjoyed the game as I have enjoyed other similar games as they are a good time waster.
    I'm not a developer and know NOTHING about it so great job. I like your games game play more than others related to the way it looks i.e. your character and surroundings. I like the dropping and breaking limbs and the ghost surprised me and got me lol.
    I think some of the actual "things" (limbs/boards, Waka, and other items) could 'look' a little better. I know you don't have to purchase items in the game but I'm not big on the idea of paying for items above and beyond what is paid for the game. I understand why this is done and in other games such as csr racing I have purchased in game content but that is a free game. They got more out of me than they would of with a high game price tag but I don't typically do that. I'll continue to play and keep you updated.

    Again great job and if it keeps my attention for a while I will most certainly pick it up on one of my other accounts and give you your $0.99 that you certainly deserve.

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