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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by samir, Sep 8, 2001.

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    there are a lot of rumors about new imacs but also steve said that this year will no be any other hardware i hope he is lying couse i want my imac these year i hope that brings a dvd instead a cdrw or both ,powerpc g4 couse i think g3 is getting old, maybe more viewable display space and new great colors or the past "flavors"
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    flavors would be kinda dumb and "fruity". and the g3 is not getting old. only if you are a hardcore graphics/video professional it is. other that that, it runs great for everything that the home user needs. and dvd on an imac sounds like a waste to me, just buy a dvd player
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    i belive too that a dvd to watch dvd movies on a imac is dumb but there are coming computer programs in dvd
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    Myst III

    I heard that Myst III on a dvd is coming out soon. This is the only logical reason I see for getting a DVD player in an imac. And I do think the "flavors" are kind of strange. I'd stay with the ones we have now, blue, gray,and white.
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    agreed, a lot of prrograms are starting to use dvd discs-encyclopedias and such.

    the only problem is that dvd drives spin and read slower, so when you are using a regular cd, you get dicked.
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    agree to NO DVD

    I definitly agree with the no dvd thing. DVDs on a desktop are a waste. Laptops are okay. The only exception is the DVD-Rs in the G4s. The coolness overrules the impracticalness :)

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