Please. Please help me with my iPod dilemma.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Summerday123, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I have 120GB iPod bought December 2008. I've never had any issue with it and everything was working fine. Then 2 days ago I tried to put some music on it, however an error popped up saying that certain song could not sync. I looked around the internet for a solution but to no avail. I then decided to restore the ipod to its factory settings in order to put my library back on the ipod. Of course it was annoying having to put all my music back on but I was willing to do it. However now I can't sync more than 700 songs. I've tried it few times and every time it stalls after 700 songs and says the songs can't sync to the ipod. Different errors keep popping up when it gets to 700 songs, sometimes -50,-53, -1330 etc..... Please, please someone help. Much appreciated
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    Sounds like a large portion of your music has been corrupted - where are your mp3s stored?
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    Thank you very much for the reply. The majority of my music that I tried to put on my iPod is in my itunes library, it is music that I ripped from CD's. Do you think that the problem lies with the music not the iPod?
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    Blondie :)

    I think it could very well be that my friend. Simply because I've had the same issue happen to me before. Not with my iPod or anything, but with another music player of mine. I moved the music to a different location, and then it wouldn't work with my player anymore, because somehow it got corrupted.

    So, when you very first got your iPod in 2008, up until now, have you EVER moved your music? Such as from one computer to another, one folder to another, or something of the sort?
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    My mom is experiencing something similar.

    She has synced her iPod with my mine and my brother's library. I sent her a movie for Christmas, which will not sync unless she removed the other 7 movies; although, she is not having the same problem with her music. I called Apple, who wants to charge me to identify the issue but not solve the problem. It sound like a glitch in their last update. :(

    Any suggestions, other than a full restore?
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    Blondie :)

    well if you sent her the movie, that's your problem. The files are only approved to be used on your computer, not your mothers. So all she needs to do is sync her iPod to your computer again and it should work. This is of course assuming that you have bought the movie directly off of iTunes
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    Any chance the problem is not with the music files themselves, but rather the library?

    If somehow the music files get moved, or the library index file gets corrupted, then it starts looking in the wrong place for the music files. It might take re-building the library from scratch (by dragging all the music files back into iTunes), but mind you you'll lose things like custom playlists, song counts, etc.
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    This sounds like a winner

    I have reorganized her music before. She will not keep the hard drive connected to her laptop. It adds more items to my daily agenda.

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