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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by steelfist, Dec 9, 2005.

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    ok. my most favorite hermit crab just died, and i only had one photo of it. it's the only precious photo i have, and the quality of the photo isn't as good as i like it. i opened it up in photoshop, and tried to "sharpen" the image. i saved it and closed the program, then i realized that i forgot to make a backup. so here i have the only photo of one of my most favorite pets mesed up. :(

    imagine that your dog and cat that you cared and loved so much has died, and you have only one photo that is messed up, and that you would do the best you can to restore it to the best quality you can. :(

    i'm quite desperate to have my photo restored, it means a lot to me to have my photo back. it's like a photo of a deceased realitive that passed away a couple of months ago. :(

    here is the photo. i have no skill, experience and concept to fix it back, so can anybody be willing to fix it up for me? :(

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    darn limit. i splitted the photo in half A =left C = middle and D = right. sorry but i had to triple post.

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    the final piece. "B" the right half is splitted further into 2 more photoes C and D, so there is A, C, and D. please help if you can.

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    I'll take a stab at it, but no promises. It looks as though the focal point is off the crab itself, more back on the food plate so getting the crab to be sharp is going to be nearly impossible. Do you have the file in a single piece or do you need it to be stitched together as well?
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    i have the picture as one piece. i had to chop it up because of the 244 kb maximum limit. can i email it to you? thank you for trying. the quality of the crab is more important than the background. the quality of the background is expendable.
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    Sure, I'll send you a PM with my email addy and give it a shot. It's going to be tough with the focal point though....because that is on the background which is what I was saying before. I can give it a go, but I am by no means the best at this....

    PM is on the way ;)
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    thanks. email is sent. just to let you guys know, i tried to "sharpen" the blurry original image with the smart sharpen, and i made both the radius and the percent way too high. i'm trying to find a way to reverse this effect.

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