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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Shacklebolt, Jul 14, 2005.

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    Okay, naturally, my 2850 dollar laptop, pbookG4/1.67/1gb/100gb/15" had a faulty hard drive. Naturally, when I sent them in to fix it, all the data was lost. Naturally, since the thing broke down before I had a chance to back up the data, I lost most of my stuff. As it is, since this computer isn't too old, my most important programs and files lie on a computer that's in storage at my college, but those can be recovered at the end of the summer. What I'm most annoyed about... is my loss of a vast portion of my itunes library. My IPOD however, still has that entire library on it (10 gigs, not that much I know, but I like an awful lot of those songs). Is there any way whatsoever that I can get those songs off of my 2g (yes, 2g) 20gb iPod? Because they're not loading up onto this computer, for obvious reasons, and that just blows.
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    iPodRip. Best utility ever. Cost is cheap compared to the ease of use andfeatures it provides. google for it.
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    You'll need a third party app. I highly recommend PodWorks but there are free alternatives available. Broken Helix is one and made by somebody on this forum I think.
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    That is an awesome piece of software. Well worth the $15 shareware price just for the peace of mind it provides.

    Awesome to know about in case my hard drive and ext FW drive decide to go belly up at the same time.
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    That is what I have on my computer but I haven't had a chance or need to use it yet.
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    For future reference, a great backup utility is SuperDuper. It'll make a fully bootable clone of your harddrive for ultimate piece of mind :)
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    I'm a PodWorks man myself.
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    Well if you use PC id recommend iPodagent cause its quick and to the point.
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    go to ipodlounge.com

    ipodlounge.com has everything you need.
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    What else does he need?... ;) :)
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    Maybe you lot can help me out too. I can get my songs off the iPod no problem, but is there a way to preserve the library? Is there a utility that will restore my iTunes library (the most important thing being date added)?

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    I may be wrong, as yours is a firewire only 2g, but when using my sisters mini and a windows machine with USB, you can unhide the music files on the ipod using windows xp and then copy them to a local drive. Then copy to CDR and back to your mac.
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    I use iPodRip as well, it's a nice well-designed program that allows you to also retrieve your Playlists as well. Plus, it's shareware.
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    when this happened to me i found it was easiest to go into the ipod as a disk drive, enable hidden folder viewing, and then opening all of the folders and transferring them to my computer. i had to do that b/c i have windows though, and most programs that let you do that kinda make u pay...
  15. hob
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    I really shouldn't read this thread. I'm getting paranoid, realising that after I got home from dropping off my G5 at the apple store that I had failed to back up most of my important stuff... Buy hey, they're just replacing the fan...*still worried*

    BrokenHelix and iPod Rip are very good :)

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    I think Senuti does what you want. I'm not sure since it's been a while since I've used it. It's a great utility nonetheless.
  17. iDM
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    I have done a few clean installs and everytime i have used iPodRip with very good results, it preserved everything, all of my info, and even my ratings which for 3500 songs took me forever to do. Good Luck
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    iPodRip DOES this flawlessly. It was one of the first pieces of shareware I ever purchased. After upgrading a HD that a friend dropped on the cement floor, I used it to get all of my songs back off the iPod. It's an amazing utility.
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    oops sorry.

    Wow, looks like there are a lot of solutions to this common problem. Macrumors rules!!!

    Thats better.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Th one reason that I still toy with getting the 60gb iPod.
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    I'll throw in my vote for Senuti as well. I've used it a couple times and it works like a charm!
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    Capt Underpants

    I just want to thank all of you guys for posting these programs. I accidentally deleted about 3/4 of my library (which isn't big... about 2 gigs), and I used both iPod Rip (until the 250 song limit) and Sentui. Both worked wonderfully, and now my library is intact.

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    That's what we're all here for, so no problem! Glad to hear you were able to restore your library without issue. :)
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    Your iPod needs to be FAT32 format for this to work. If it is HFS+, no go. (FAT32 is Windows default, HFS+ is Mac default. Mac can use both, Windows... what do you think? Hint: Nope)

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