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Plex "Corrupt or unsupported file", but OK in iTunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by macstatic, Sep 29, 2013.

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    I have a problem where movies fully playable in iTunes result in a "Corrupt or unsupported file" error message on our Sony BDP-s590 streaming media supported BlueRay player via Plex Media Server on the Mac.
    The movie was transferred from DVD using Handbrake and iTunes reports it as being an MPEG-4 file with H.264 codec. On the other hand I have other movies which play fine on the BlueRay player and they've been ripped the same way using Handbrake, so this puzzles me.

    I installed Plex so I can watch movies from iTunes on my regular TV instead of just on the Mac.
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    If you just want to share your iTunes library over DLNA, why don't you try PS3 Media Server? It's free, transcodes on the fly and specifically geared towards playback on Sony products.
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    PS3 media server solved my problem!
    Th eonly minor issue with it is that it won't properly display non-English filenames (yes, I've looked up similar issues and their solutions in the PS3 forum but it didn't fix it), but it's just a minor irritation that I can live with.
    Thanks for your suggestion! :)
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    Plex Media Server is designed to offer up content for Plex clients. While it also has a DLNA component, there is no guarantee of compatibility between different clients. Using a Plex client is the only way to ensure compatibility with Plex Media Server.

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