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    That's quite cool. PPC support is rare these days.
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    This will explain it best...
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    that link shows that Plex is for SL and Intel mentions nothing on PPC support.
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    The link I posted is in fact for an unsupported version.
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    The question "What does Plex actually do? " is what the link I posted was in answer to.
    The same info applies to the earlier versions, if you can find one.
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    Doesn't Leopard's Front Row do pretty much the same thing? According to the screenshot and info on the app is is pretty much like Windows Media Center or MythTV or XBMC.
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    Yes Front Row and Plex are similar, both are apps for manipulating media files.
    BTW, did you borrow your signature lineup from LeotheLion,

    "eMac 1GHz, USB 2.0, Leopard, 512MB; PowerMac G4 MDD Single 1GHz, 768MB, Tiger, M-Audio Delta, USB 2.0 Card; Compaq Presario C304NR iDeneb Leopard, 2GB DDR2, Intel Celeron M 450 1.60GHz"

    same equipment right down to the Intel Celeron.
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    That's because it's the same person getting around his ban.
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    This place is that much fun to hang out at, that you need to create another username...The mods should just ban the IP so he needs a VPN to play so we'll see how bad he wants to be here when it costs real money..

    I don't care for plex, but I do like XBMC which has an active and developed PowerPC version . XBMC is available for linux also so both my linux box and all 4 other Mac's have the same media player and interface.
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    I used to use Plex A LOT - it was running on my old Mini 1.42 as a media player hooked up to my TV. It's a great app but now I run my old Macbook 2.4Ghz and it now runs iPlayer (with a UK VPN connection to get it working abroad ;) ) and PS3 Media Server so it can serve content from my Airport Extreme attached USB drive to my PS3 and its from here that I run all my music, photo's and videos.

    Plex is great, for me it at that time (maybe different now) it was the only stable media server for the mac (XBMC used to be god awful but heard its much much better now) - Plex also has a great iPhone remote app.

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