Pm 2.7ghz G5 what to look out for? And is it lcs?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VanneDC, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Just bought a dual 2.7ghz pm with all the normal stuff inside. Ie hd, vid card etc...

    I haven't actually seen it yet and should arrive within the week, but are all the dual 2.7 g5's liquid cooled? And if so what lcs do they use? The same as the quad g5?

    Also this unit comes with a 22 inch apple adc cinema display... So what'd card would that have in it?
    Not much ram inside only 2.5gb, but I have somemore lying around here.

    How would this pm compare to the dual 2.3ghz g5 I have ATM? Which one would be the better onto keep?


    Also what are the major or minor points to look out for on the dual 2.7? Any info would've great. I have an agp Mac x800 xt that will go into theunit that I will keep for myself. Which one would be better and also is the dual 2.7 quieter than the2.3?

  2. MacHamster68, Jan 20, 2011
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    yes the dual 2.7 has liquid cooling and thats the weak spot , look immediately for any corrosion inside and for leaks and continue to look in regular intervals best every week , a single drop and it needs servicing and new seals otherwise you risk major damage because the liquid inside will corrode everything from the case to the logicboard if it has a chance to escape out of the system , so best advice is you see any even the slightest sign of anything that looks greenish and could be liquid bring it to apple to get it serviced/or diy (second article) same if you see the rubber pipes look a bit cracked get them replaced better yesterday then tomorrow same for the o-rings on the processor (the pictures explain the problem of not able to see the leaks in all places ), otherwise it gets extreme expensive ,as its out of any warranty and we are in 2011 already there are slim chances of getting a free repair , read this article and you know more with pictures
    and that one

    anyway good luck

    if you got the dual processor 2.3 the dual processor 2.7 will be faster
    if you like me have the 2.3 single processor but a dual core the difference is not really big due faster ram in that model (DDR2 )
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    Thanks mchamster, and so looks like I must Prepare my self again to investigate another lcs system (my precious being a quad g5)

    I payed 400 au for both the 22 inch cinema display and the g5, recon that's worth doing? I also dont have a clue what ever else is with the setup.

    Any dramas with the 22 inch adc cinema displays?

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    hmmm if it comes with the 22" Cinema its likely to have the ATI Radeon X850XT as thats the only card that shipped with those models that had the required ADC port. There havent been any hassles with the 22" unit AFAIK - In fact Im considering getting one for my Dual G4.
  5. MacHamster68, Jan 22, 2011
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    yes you should be fine , just babysit the lcs system to keep it dry , but as you had a dual 2.5ghz you are used to that anyway

    the displays last, i think forever
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    The 22" ACD are superb. I got the clear acrylic one myself. One cable going to the ADC connector and that is all, 2 USB 1.1 ports at the back. I have to scour for an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro ME to enable QE/CI but that is another story. All in all I did not regret that I have bought this piece of beautiful hardware.
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    Is your Quad G5 still running? How's that going?
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    Quartz Extreme should be enabled on any Card with ADC. Core Image possibly, but QE should be fine... (Its enabled on the GeForce 2 MX my MDD currently has in it)
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    Yeah my Quad G5 was running just fine, never missed a beat. I sold it about 4 months ago, after i upgraded the crap out of it. Quadro, max ram and it ran ohhh sooo smooth and silent...

    Never had a drama with the LCS in that...

    Sold it to a bloke in Melbourne, and as far as i know its still running like a dream. I sold it due to being kinda pissed that Wow and SC2 didnt run on it.. and i wanted to get rid of a few towers as I am soon to be moving ...

    well so much for that idea as just at Christmas i got a 2008 Oct mac pro from my missus.. :)

    i also still have the Dual 2.3G5, so may swap out parts depending on the nick/state of the LCS in the 2.7G5...

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