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PMG4 with iPhone 4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ddeadserious, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Have a Powermac G4, dual 500MHz, 2GB RAM, has a USB 2.0 card in one of the PCI(or whatever) slots.

    Bought an iPhone 4.

    Realized I needed to be running Leopard, so installed Leopard and updated, etc.

    Now, I plug the iPhone in, iPhoto recognizes it as a camera, but iTunes is not responding.

    Any ideas?
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    not 100% fer sure as i have a 3gs, but doesnt the iphone4 require Itunes10?
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    It's running iTunes 10.
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    You unlocked the iPhone before? (Press the home-button, slide the slider and maybe enter the code). The iPhone is otherwise not recognized by iTunes.
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    Didn't make a difference, nice thought though.

    Any other ideas?
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    I think I remember hearing something about iTunes 10 needing a 1ghz+ processor but I couldn't tell you for sure. Does iTunes actually open on your computer and just not recognize the iPhone or does it not open at all?

    EDIT: Found it but I don't know if its right

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    iTunes 10 does open, it just doesn't mount the iPhone. Obviously, the USB 2.0 capability is not on the motherboard, but with the PCI card that I added. I'm thinking that the issue is related to that.
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    Have you checked in system profiler to see that it actually recognizes that you have a USB card in the PCI slot?

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