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Podcaster of the year wants name change

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 30, 2006.

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    I kinda, sorta agree with that.

    I like the term "podcast", but I've had several discussions that basically all have included the sentence "No, you don't have to have an iPod at all..."
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    I think it's already too late for this. "Podcast" has stuck. It's not going to change.
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    Personally, I like the term Podcast verses Netcast.

    With 13 shows, Leo is a big Pod/Net caster. It will be interesting to see how things develop as the Zune comes out. I understand his point to not tie the broadcasts to the iPod device, but I think that the name has already got wheels.

    Like Xerox for making a copy, I think Podcast is here to stay for these types of broadcasts.

    We shall see.
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    not just 13 shows, 13 high quality shows. also i sense apple having something to do with this. aren't they sueing anybody and everybody with the word "pod" and something remotly tech related?

    sidenote: The first time i read the thread name i thought "why would leo want a name change?"
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    Most consumers don't know what podcasts are and it won't reach outside of the tech community. I know everyone in the tech world are optimistic about podcasts, but most casual users are not concerned about them in my experiences.

    Podcast is fine. Netcast sounds more like a networking service.
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    ...And we could fragment the market more! Zunecast, Zencast, Podcast, Netcast. Yay! Podcasts are extremely overrated, in my opinion.

    The only thing I agree with is the fact that "owning 'pod'" is a ridiculous notion and Apple should really back off it. I want to see pPods in the frozen section, damn it!
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    Could Apple not shoot themselves in the foot just once? They come out with great products and almost always they do something stupid like this suing everyone that uses pod.
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    This has nothing to do with Apple suing anybody. that podcaster doesn't like the term "podcast".
  10. Lau

    I think "webcast" sounds better than "netcast", but that's just me. Or is webcast something else entirely?
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    I'm not so sure of that - at least in the UK, most of the broadsheets have their podcasts that they promote in print and in their online editions.

    And my mother, non-techy, did actually ask me the other day whether she should be considering a podcast for her business. So it might not be entirely understood but it's becoming known in the non-tech world.
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    Well, typically a webcast is a reference to a broadcast over the Internet via streaming methods, whether they be video, audio or both. Kinda like when Apple streams MacWorld keynotes via Quicktime. I believe the term can also be applied to teleconferences, as well.

    See? There's all sorts of 'cast craziness.

    EDIT: Wow, looked it up on wikipedia for the in-filler trivia knowledge and stumbled upon this:

    Sometimes I really hate the tech industry.
  13. Lau

    Interesting stuff, cheers. I thought it sounded familiar. :)
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    I like Netcast as a name, but prefer Podcast. I do feel Apple are now hijacking this name and trying to claim it was their invention, not only through "Podcast ready" and other "Pod" related lawsuits, but also you notice more Podcasting integration into their software. By calling it a Podcast, it helped initally when people didn't realise what they were and what you could do with them, now, even though a lot still don't know about them, it seems to be going too far down the iPod route.

    I advise all to listen to Leo's comments on the last episode of TWiT, episode 70: Bad Juju. He explains and discusses the problems and lawsuits and why he prefers Netcasting as a name.
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    Podcasts are associated w/ Apple + iPod.

    Is this really such a bad thing?
  16. Lau

    I think the thing I don't like about it is it makes it seem that you need an iPod to hear or see them, when I think webcast or netcast is a more accurate term. You can choose to put them on your iPod as you can with any other audio or video file, but you can also enjoy them on the web or on your computer. I know I didn't pay much attention at the beginning until I realised they were more of a broadcast over the web than something meant to be used whilst on the move.
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    yep its official apple owns all your pod.

    All your pod copy.jpg
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    I think of them as TiVo for audio, since I've moved most of my daily NPR fix to podcasts. :p

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    Change Podcast to Netcast in iTunes!


    Got to this page from Command N's website! Page offers hack to change iTunes from Podcast to Netcast!

    Apple you don't own the word Podcast! Apple put away your law books and start being more like the early days!

    Just finished iWoz great book! Would love to meet Woz in person! From the book I got that he loves pizza, I happen to own two pizza places here in Cincinnati... Maybe one day he will come in....

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