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Podcasts sneaking over to iPod in Genre

Discussion in 'iPod' started by grockk, May 23, 2006.

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    Argh. Ok so my podcasts are sneaking over to my 5th gen 60 GB in the podcast genre, even though I have them turned off in the iPod>Podcast preference setting. If i go to Music>Podcasts there are none listed as there shouldn't be since i have them all set to not transfer. Then under Music>Genres there is Podcasts and it has all my podcasts there!

    What gives? Is this a bug.
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    I just unchecked all of the podcasts and now only the ones I have checked in the preferences are transfered. Just weird functionality that checked podcasts are transfered as music files when they are unchecked podcast preferences.
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    Are they perchance getting picked up by a smart playlist?

    I ran into this when I started adding podcasts to my library, some of my playlists didn't reject podcasts and were getting transferred.

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    bingo. i have a smart playlist for checked and unchecked songs, that didn't have playlist is false. You'd think that not having the podcasts marked for transfer would prevent it from being transfered at all, instead of just not showing up in the podcast list.

    but i found my workaround. thanks.

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