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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by weisjt, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. weisjt, Nov 15, 2012
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    Got the poetic slim line in today, it feels like a pretty solid case. The Smart Cover feels like a fake leather Smart Cover. It's a little stiff out of box but will wear in over time. Got it on amazon for 5 dollars and its well worth it. It is the slightest bit thicker than my extreme Mac micro folio but it doesn't have the stand off function on the back which I really like. Check out the pics









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    Cool. I get mine today too. GREEN!
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    Nice! Can you take a pic of it next to the naked ipad to see the thickness difference? Thanks!
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    Thanks! Could you give me the measurements of the case? How much gauge does it add to the mini? Thanks a lot in advance! Going to get a custom made sleeve and thus really need the figures (won't get my case until next friday :( )
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    Is the cover magnetic, like does it stick to when folding it up? I ordered a Moko case that was similar to the Poetic one and it doesn't do that, so trying to put it in the typing position was impossible because it kept falling.
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    It adds about 1 cm to height and width with abut 2cm to the thickness.

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    Thanks thanks!

    it ADDS 2 cm to the thickness? Or is it including the smartcover? That sounds quite much :eek:
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    Thanks for the pics! I'm a little disappointed of the silver logo? I hoped it was just embossed and not noticeable. Oh well, for $5, it's still worth it.
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    It has sleep wake magnet but not one to keep it in triangle stand form. I didn't have any problems keeping it in typing position though
  10. GG7
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    Thanks. I guess I should have gone with the Poetic case.
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    Sorry that was wrong. The whole case is 1/2 inch in thickness with the Smart Cover included
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    Just got mine in today as well, got the red one. So far I am liking this a lot and for $5, it was a heck of a deal.
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    Does the cover stay tight on the screen on its own in the closed position or is it just loose and floppy? Does the cover have a tendency to bow up in the middle after being used as a stand or does it actually lay flat?

    I guess I'm confused as to whether or not the magnets exist to keep the cover closed or are they only for the sleep/wake function?

    *edit* also, does the cover easily lay flat around against the back when flipped around?
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    Cover stays on pretty tight when closed, no floppy business.
    The case stays pretty flat on screen even after being folded up. And also stay pretty flat against the back when open.

    The magnets keep the cover closed and activate sleep wake function. Overall it's a great case for the price!
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    Where did you all order from? I ordered last Friday with an estimated shipping date of Tuesday, but it seems it won't be shipping until tomorrow
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    Originally I was going to keep my Mini naked but can't pass up a decent looking case for a fiver.
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    I got both my Black and Navy SlimLine cases in today. For $5 its a excellent case. I think at $20, it would still be a great case, and will probably be better than most cases from the bigger names priced at $30-$40. It's true to it's name and is probably one of the most slim cases available.

    The style/type of case really isn't for me. The tri-fold cover takes a little too much work to get the stand modes right. They work, but getting them into position takes longer that it would with other style cases. This may be due to the case needing to be broken in more, but even then I don't think the stand modes will be as stable as those in other styles (i.e. the style used by the Devicewear Ridge & Speck FitFolio, or even the style used by the Yoobao Executive case).
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    I just got mine today and one issue: the fabric on the inside of the case smells TERRIBLE! I can't describe what the smell is (somewhat fishy maybe?), but it is definitely NOT a pleasant one. There's no way I can carry it around like that. Glad it was only $5 or I'd be pissed off. :confused:
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    I noticed a strong smell from mine right when I opened the packaging, but I can't smell it anymore unless I put my nose right up to the case. It's very faint now compared to earlier this afternoon, so maybe yours will lessen too.
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    Got mine. Blue color.

    Nice slim profile. Auto on/off works.
    Very nice cutouts for the buttons, speakers, and ports.

    Kinda smelly. Hard to take off once it's on.

    Tri-fold only works in one position which is the standing position. Laying position is impossible because the tri-fold will just unravel.

    Overall decent case for the price.
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    Mine smelled right when I opened it but can't smell anything now.
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    I had that problem initially, but once the case is a little less stiff, it becomes much easier. Mine stays in the typing position just fine now.

    The smell can be minimized by wiping the inside of the front cover with a bounce dryer sheet (lightly).

    Great case. For the price, I am ordering in more colors. I'm a happy customer!:):D
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    How so? What do you mean? Can anybody second that?
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    It's a secure fit, to take it off you just have to use your fingers to pop it off. It's no big deal for me.

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