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Pogue's Hacking the iPhone Video

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 27, 2007.

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    If you haven't taken the leap to install 3rd party apps onto the iPhone, Pogue shows how easy it is in a video on the NYTimes.

    He demonstrates the easy to use Installer.app as well as a number of fun applications that have been released for the iPhone.

    Unfortunately, these applications are only available for iPhone firmware versions 1.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. iPhone 1.1.1 breaks compatibility with 3rd party applications at this time.

    Article Link
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    So Mr. Pogue....did you downgrade your phone to 1.1.1?

    Just wonderin...
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    Well, he has ~2 weeks to do each video, so perhaps this was made before the update was even announced.
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    Title should be chanded to:

    Video – Pogue hacks the iPhone.

    Or simply,

    Pogue hacks the iPhone

    I thought Dave was able to hack the iPhone to capture video, based on the title. :eek:
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    Wow that video's cheesy! I thought the New York Times was meant to be one of the respectable newspapers? I'd expect something like that from the Sun over here!!
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    Must be your first time seeing David Pogue. He's a regular tech columnist for the Times and cheese is what he does best. I saw him give a tech speech and at the end he did a number of renditions of Broadway style music on the piano changing the lyrics. The best was dedicated to Steve Jobs getting fired from Apple and then coming back to the tune of Evita, "Don't cry for me Cupertino...."
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    He has made ~3 years of cheese.:p Manages to add comic to tech. Which is fun. :)
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    Punishment by Apple?

    You know I think it is wonderful Apple is doing all it can to protect itself against hackers and secure its position with AT&T. But wouldn't it be wonderful if they would update some programs and requested fixes on the $600 iphone that you can now buy for $400, like Flash, one button deletion of emails and trash and a few other strong and needed suggestions that have been posted on the forums? If you got time to write code to upgrade firmware, you should make the time to keep your clients that pay the freight happy with programs.
    I feel another video coming on!!!

    Phil Hanna
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    You know, I thought it was a little cheesy too, then he did a podcast the "normal" way that everybody else does it where he just sits behind a desk. I gotta say, watching that podcast I missed the cheese.

    BTW, macrumors, I posted this link earlier in the iPhone Apps forum.
  14. tny
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    1. They can't add Flash to the iPhone until Adobe trims it up some more.

    2. They fixed email to handle non-standard ports better, which was my number one complaint - to their iPhone feedback page, not Macrumors (in other words, to a place where I know someone from Apple will actually read it).

    3. They fixed problems with sound volume.

    4. They fixed one of the most publicized complaints, overseas data roaming, which cost some of their customers hundreds of dollars.
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    They can't add Flash until they figure out a workaround for the interface problem. Namely, there's no mouseover/mouseout events meaning most flash menus/interfaces won't work correctly. Pretty much anything that requires a rollover will fail.
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    That's hardly the most challenging thing to get over. Just make it so that you tap and then drag your finger much like how you drag icons around with they touchpad on a MacBook.

    While flash and java need to be added asap imo what's hugely lacking right now and is to be honest quite pathetic not to be in the iPhone right now is MMS support. The last phone I had that didn't support MMS was a Nokia 8310 in 2001. Unlike 3G video messaging and video calls, MMS is *very* widely used. Email is not a viable substitute since most people don't have email on their phones.
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    I think Sunburst is probably the best 3rd-party application for the iPhone.
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    Do you have a link to the iPhone feedback page?


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    why can't 1.1.1 be hacked?:confused::confused::confused:

    Is there a safe way to downgrade to 1.0.2 if I buy an iphone today?
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