Police cars then and now

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Doctor Q, Mar 18, 2010.

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    A fun picture gallery over at CNET:

    I doubt that the electric one will catch me the next time I'm in a high-speed getaway from a crime scene.
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing!

    If I were a police officer driving the Dodge or Police Interceptor, I'd certainly think twice before using 'physical' means to end a car chase! Those cars are beautiful!
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    That electric car: Doubtfully.

    This electric car: Possibly.

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    My buddy in high school had a Plymouth Grand Fury decommissioned police car. It was fast as hell. You could rev the engine the v8 would rock the car back and forth.
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    The new Mustang police cars today look way better then that ford, of course they took the idea from Transformers..
    Well it might be a Dodge, or even both don't remember exactly..
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    very cool :D thanks for sharing Q :D

    i like the concept ones
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    The city I live in uses these:


    (It looks even cooler in person)

    edit: I didn't notice until now that the charger was on that Cnet link. Woops. :)
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    Aw, man, I miss those. They had such character.

    I thought NYPD used Crown Vics, though.
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    Pffft....this is how they ride in Valencia! :rolleyes:

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    Your police cars have a large advertising logo on a police shield on their doors?
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    This was a great idea in Italy



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    The car is a Dodge and that is the Dodge logo
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    It's still advertising dodge isn't it? I presume not all dodges have a large shield motif on their doors incorporating "police" and the dodge ram.

    edit: it's just odd to see for someone not used to such egregious advertising.
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    I wonder if it was part of a deal, cops get the cars at a very very discounted rate if they display that big ass logo.
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    We had this some time ago - funny thing.


    And of course the classic.


    Today the german police is mostly riding around in vw passat. Some citys use bmw 5 series and mercedes e-class - luxurious but pointless if you ask me. but what can u do


    *better than the british with their vauxhall astra :p*

    And for highspeed chases:

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    here are a few cop cars from australia.. not as impressive looking as the black US ones, but they go FAST

    holden cop car from a few years ago ^^

    lancer from last year ^^

    GTO (04 model i think?)
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    Might just be Dodge's way of advertising they have a police model. I'm sure there are police conventions where you can go see the latest in police gear. Shrug.
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    Ahh good point :).

    (doesn't sound like my kind of convention though :D)
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    Cool. Thanks for sharing.

    Most large engine cars could do this back in the 60s and 70s.

    We called it "Torquing" back then.

    Me loves me some bug. :)
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    showing your age eh? ;)

    "back in my day" hahahaha
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    The electric car in the slide show is begging to have some teenage punk "borrow" it for a ride around town.
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    some MA state police have that model and cover the thing in light kits, it's pretty badass.
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    What can I say? :eek:
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    experienced :D :confused:
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    I think that I had better quit while I am ahead. :)

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